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Gaming News 1 7 Thursday, April 4, 2019 so passionate about what we do. GN: What products and services do you offer? TD: We provide a robust range of products and services, including prop- erty and liability coverage for tribal governments and businesses, Tribal Workers' Compensation, individual homeowner and renter's coverage and employee benefits. Also, our AMERIND Critical Infrastructure helps Tribal communities obtain high- speed Internet. We continue to expand to meet the evolving needs of our Tribal members, while keeping Native communities safe. GN: What sets AMERIND Risk apart from its competition? TD: AMERIND Risk avoids a one-size- fits-all approach to insurance. We consid- er a tribe's key risks and design an insur- ance program around those risks. Doing business sovereign to sover- eign with AMERIND Risk means saving money by avoiding state and federal taxes and fees. Our expense ratio is typi- cally 10-20 percent less than other insur- ance carriers. Saving tribes money on insurance gives tribes the ability to spend their money where it is needed most – their communities. With a 60 percent Native American staff, AMERIND Risk is personally invested in serving tribes. We approach business as a person-to-person relation- ship. We treat every AMERIND client like a family member. AMERIND is sensitive to tribal cul- AMERIND Risk (Cont'd. from p. 1) ture and tradition. Unlike many insurance providers, we insure mobile homes and traditional homes. AMERIND Risk's Tribal Workers' Compensation (TWC) is a tribal solution to state workers' compensation. Our TWC program offers excellent protection for employees at a reduced cost. Meanwhile, AMERIND saves tribes time and legal expense by handling any work- ers' compensation litigation in tribal jurisdiction. AMERIND Risk goes the extra mile to offer workforce safety training through our TWC program, and to educate Tribal housing authorities, homeowners and renters about safety measures to reduce risk. Prioritizing prevention reduces time lost at work, and helps control losses and rising premiums. GN: In what other ways does AMERIND Risk contribute to the sustainability of Indian Country? TD: Because 100 percent of our revenue comes from tribes, AMERIND Risk 'gives back' to Indian Country. We firmly believe in helping to grow and build trib- al communities. We allocate $500,000 annually for tribal organizations, Native scholarships, outreach and advocacy, event sponsorships and more. For more than 30 years, AMERIND Risk has stood by tribes through hardships, helping communi- ties rebuild and flourish. AMERIND Risk is here for the long haul – as long as tribes need us. For more information, go to www .AMERINDRisk.org, call 505.404.5000, email TDuncan@AMERINDRisk.org or visit booth #2106. In addition to offering best-in-class casino seating, Maxx Seating offers best-in- class service. Acquired by a company that built its reputation on providing superior customer satisfaction, Maxx Seating is committed to providing its customers an exceptional experience. Its dedication to service combined with quality products, fast lead times and competitive pricing is what sets Maxx Seating apart in the industry. Maxx Seating has partnered with Patriot Gaming & Electronics, a leader in Maxx Seating (Cont'd. from p. 1) the gaming industry, to further serve its customers. Similar to Maxx Seating, Patriot Gaming is dedicated to providing its customers quality products, flexible solutions and unprecedented service. Be the first to experience Maxx Seating's new product line of gaming chairs at NIGA 2019. Its products are on display at Maxx Seating booth #2412. Stop by and take a seat! For more information, stop by booth #2412, call 800.421.2036, email sales@maxx seating.com or visit www.maxxseating.com. multitude of complementary entertain- ment venues, hybrid centers typically feature two distinct bowling venues: one, a more traditional family entertainment area, featuring a larger number of lanes, and the other, a boutique bowling experi- ence, usually provided in a more private room with a smaller number of lanes. Industry research shows that with the sig- nificant annual revenue generated by larger bowling entertainment centers, many centers realize an impressive return on their invested capital within the first year. But the investment isn't only finan- cial – it's communal. "Bowling is multiplayer, interactive and even collaborative. The physical nature of the action and the excitement of healthy competition all aid in the com- prehensive wellness goal the community has for its members," said Adam Saks, Chief Operating Officer at UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle. "The bowling center is important to our community in many ways. First Bowling (Cont'd. from p. 4) and foremost, it is a complete departure from gaming. It invigorates the young while energizing the elders. Our bowling center also dramatically increases avail- able employment opportunities for com- munity members 16 and older." The successful bowling center draws customers in and keeps them coming back. Creating that environment requires a strategic partner with a significant depth and breadth of experience, combined with staying power and a commitment to pro- viding ongoing support. With more than 125 years of experience and products installed in more than 70 percent of the world's bowling centers, Brunswick Bowling is the best-known and most- trusted name in the game – adding value to every aspect of the business. The bottom line? No matter what assistance is needed to get the most out of a new bowling center, investors can count on Brunswick to deliver state-of- the-art products and exceptional service. For more information, go to www .brunswickbowling.com/casino or stop by booth #2313. comfort or convenience. Consumers can also monitor and control their devices remotely and can connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to enable voice activated control. Trinseo has been supplying its EMERGE™ Advanced Resins for the Currant product during the prototyping and now in production. Trinseo materials can be seen throughout the Currant Smart Outlet – the outer housing, the substrate for the reflective front face and several inner components. Trinseo's EMERGE Advanced Resins, which are specialty engineered performance plastics, have been designed to meet the exacting specifications for Currant including cosmetic, reliability and UL-driven safety requirements. Among the reasons Currant selected Trinseo as a partner was because of the company's color matching capability, including its ability to achieve an ultra- bright white. The company has research and development centers globally, includ- ing color labs with expertise in complex colors. Color is such an important factor today for product differentiation, brand- ing and end-user satisfaction and Trinseo is recognized globally for its capability. Trinseo (Cont'd. from p. 1) Trinseo supports various consumer- oriented markets with specialty engi- neered plastics solutions. The company supports the growing consumer technolo- gies sector with advanced material solu- tions including projects that involve bio- compatible plastics for skin contact applications, chemical resistant materi- als, transparent light diffusion grades to allow for translucent LED displays, and plastics with recycled content to support sustainability goals. As consumer technologies evolve, product developers and designers need to consider materials that they may not have considered in the past. Plastics have emerged as an important solution to new- product challenges in that they enable properties such as portability, durability and appealing aesthetics while allowing additional characteristics such as bio- compatibility, ignition and chemical resistance, and/or various degrees of transparency. Trinseo, the global manu- facturer and compounder of performance plastics, has been helping customers find just the right solution. Trinseo is proud to be a partner of Currant. For more information, go to www .trinseo.com. View Your Day, Your Way La Crosse Technology has taken the alarm clock to a whole new level. Not only do you get the traditional alarm and snooze functions with the new WiFi Projection Alarm Clock, you'll also be able to view and adjust numerous options as well. Some of the key features of this new projection alarm clock include the intuitive, soft touch buttons that allow quick and easy access to the features that matter most. Set custom snooze durations to best fit your routine, create one-touch nap timers and use the USB charging port to conveniently charge your mobile device. The built-in weather sensor lets you project indoor temperature and humidity right onto your ceiling, so you can make any necessary adjustments to create an optimal sleeping environment. The projection also cycles between time and temperature data to keep you informed. La Crosse Technology realizes life is busy, so let the WiFi Projection Alarm Clock go to work for you. Simply connect to the free La Crosse View™ app to get even more enhanced time and weather features. Once connected, you'll be able to easily monitor home conditions, set cus- tom alerts, view weather history records and even share devices with family and friends – anytime, anywhere. Connecting your alarm will also improve its in-home function as well. La Crosse Technology has partnered with AccuWeather™ to deliver accurate weather data directly to your alarm's LCD display. Once connect- ed to the La Crosse View app, your alarm will display the day's forecasted highs and lows, percent chance of precipitation, dynamic forecast icons and also allows you to post personal messages on your display, thanks to the powerful data stream technology. If none of the connected features sound interesting to you, no problem! The enhanced features are totally optional and your alarm will function as a standalone unit without connecting to the app. It is important to note that some of the coolest features of this alarm come from its con- nected capability. While these connected features are great on their own, the true power of this clock lies in its ability to add any compatible La Crosse View add- on sensors. With or without the La Crosse View app, you'll have the option to expand your system with numerous sen- sors for a complete home monitoring solution. From true backyard wind, rain, temperature and humidity data, to indoor water leak detection and more, you'll be able to view this information right on your alarm's screen. The add-on sensor information is also viewable on the La Crosse View app, so you can set alerts and track trends on the go. For more information, go to www.lacrosse technology.com.

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