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Gaming News Wednesday, April 3, 2019 1 2 Anchor Graphics Focused on Delivering Exceptional Customer Service In 1984, Anchor Graphics Labels & More rooted its foundations into a small town on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. With just three printing and packaging machines up and running, this family- owned and operated business initially focused its services on custom printing. But as time progressed and technol- ogy developed, a new demand for labels had emerged. It was 1992, when an estimated 2.9 million people integrated pagers into their commercial businesses. Individuals worldwide began using beepers for per- sonal use as wide-area paging became more accessible. Nevertheless, both com- mercial and individual users found them- selves in need of durable labels display- ing company branding and contact infor- mation. While most printing and labeling industries shied away from difficult and small quantity printing, Anchor Graphics embraced this advancement in society and accepted the new challenge. Fast-forward 25 years and Anchor Graphics Labels & More currently serves as one of the nation's leading solutions providers for the cellular industry, septic and property management field. Offering, but not limited to: IMEI labels, LDI/water evident labels, lens tapes, wraps, manu- als, gaskets and more. Anchor Graphics' current owner, Leslie Goolsby, has walked in conjunction with the company – growing up alongside it. She has molded the fundamentals of family into the work environment and takes immense pride in the relationship shared between her employees and cus- tomers. From the hardships of owning a small business to watching it succeed and thrive, Leslie Goolsby's Christian beliefs inform her company's vision. This upcoming new year, Anchor Graphics has once again inte- grated both print and digital mediums into production. A new e-commerce website will fully serve the property man- agement field, making it sim- ple, convenient and more accessible for customers to place an order. Since 1984, Anchor Graphics Labels & More has evolved along society, set- ting the example of how a company should interact with its clients. Serving the nation with a servant's heart, Anchor Graphics is truly The Rare Breed. For more information, go to www.anchorgraphics.com. 'We Are the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation' The Fort McDowell Indian Reservation was created by executive order of President Theodore Roosevelt on September 15, 1903. The 40-square mile reservation is home to over 890 tribal members. The reservation represents a small fragment of the historical ancestral homelands of the once nomadic Yavapai people who roamed a large portion of central Arizona from the Colorado River in the west, east to the Mazatzal Mountains, and from the San Francisco peaks to the north, south to the Gila River. In more recent times, Fort McDowell won two historic victories reaffirming its tribal sovereignty. In the early 1970s, construction of the Orme Dam was proposed, which would have flooded a majority of the Fort McDowell reservation, forcing the com- munity to move from what little remained of its ancestral homeland. With limited financial resources, tribal mem- bers spearheaded an opposition move- ment by rallying the support of other tribes across the nation, coordinating with state and national environmental groups, and using the news media to build support nationwide. After about 10 years of opposition, on November 12, 1981, Interior Secretary James Watt announced that Orme Dam would not be built. Two decades later, five Arizona tribes including Fort McDowell were operating casinos in accordance with the provisions of the Federal 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). Those tribes had sought to negotiate gaming compacts with the state government as required under IGRA, but at that time the governor opposed Indian gaming and refused to negotiate. As a result, he called upon the U.S. Attorney's Office for support, leading to raids by FBI agents on five Indian casinos. On May 12, 1992, the FBI and Federal Marshals invaded the Fort McDowell Gaming Center, seizing the tribes 349 gaming machines. Individuals witnessing the raid took immediate action and contacted community mem- bers, tribal leaders and the news media. Using every available vehicle and piece of heavy machinery, a blockade of the casino's access road was organized. A three-week standoff between the tribe and FBI agents followed as negotiations ensued. Arizona's governor ultimately was forced to sign a gam- ing compact with the tribes, paving the way for tribal gaming in Arizona. Since then, Arizona's tribal gaming industry experienced substantial growth, providing state residents with entertainment, employ- ment opportunities and much needed rev- enue for state and local governments. As the Valley's first tribal casino, Fort McDowell Casino has witnessed over a quarter century of change in this fast- moving industry. Now it's time for change! With a new casino on the hori- zon, it is empowered to better serve its patrons while enabling the tribal govern- ment to address the changing needs of the tribal membership and preserving its tra- ditional Yavapai values. Learn more at booth #1303. Top Reasons to Give to Cell Phones for Soldiers By Rob Bergquist, Founder and Director, Cell Phones for Soldiers We're proud of the work we do at Cell Phones For Soldiers to connect and sup- port our troops and veterans in need. Since 2004, we have worked to make a difference in the lives of the brave men and women who serve (and have served) our country in uniform. And we couldn't do it without our donors. Thousands of individuals and organizations have powered Cell Phones For Soldiers to help others by donating old cell phones and other mobile devices and raising money for our cause. Donors understand the meaningful work we've done for the last 14 years, and we'd like to share some of the reasons you should give to Cell Phones For Soldiers to help us continue our mission. We recognize the challenges our veterans face. The transition to civilian life can be men- tally, physically and emotionally stress- ful, and veterans are unemployed at a higher rate than non-veterans. Sometimes that means they can't meet financial obli- gations – utility bills, rent, communica- tion costs – and need a little boost. Our Helping Heroes Home program has pro- vided one-time grants to more than 3,000 veterans. We believe that our veterans are owed a lifetime of support for their work protecting our country. We help our troops stay connected with their loved ones. Though international calling is less of a hassle than it was when we first started, many deployed troops find that having a personal phone is impossible during a tour, either because of cost or security reasons. Our Minutes That Matter pro- gram has given more than 350 million minutes (and counting!) on calling cards to deployed men and women so they can call home. Maintaining connections with home during a deploy- ment is critical to morale and to reassuring families at home. We're green! Earlier this year, Cell Phones for Soldiers received our R2 certification which allows us to receive, sort, test, data erase and responsibly downstream donated devices. Cell Phones for Soldiers both repurposes used devices and gives them to veterans in need and recycles them for their valuable parts that can be sold and reused. This serves a number of environmentally friendly purposes: it keeps electronic waste from landfills, where harmful materials can cause damage to human health and frag- ile ecosystems; recycling plastic helps us do our part to keep non-biodegrad- able material out of our oceans; and recycling the rare earth met- als used in electronic devices reduces the need for mining. To date, we have recycled more than 15 million mobile devices! It's easy to give. You can contribute to Cell Phones For Soldiers by donating money directly and securely through our web- site, or by sending us your old cell phones and mobile devices. You can either print off a shipping label and send in your recycled items or find one of our more than 4,000 drop-off sites by doing a location search. Cell Phones For Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we rely on your tax-deductible donations to connect our country's bravest men and women. Even a small donation makes a difference – give today! For more information, call Rob Bergquist at 678.580.1976, visit www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com or email info@cellphonesforsoldiers.com. Blaupunkt True Wireless Earbuds Blaupunkt, the iconic consumer electron- ics brand is back in the USA for the first time since 1996. A company once renowned for its car audio technology brings a great selection of speakers and headphones for any occasion. Say good- bye to annoying earbud cables with the new Blaupunkt Wireless Earbuds with microphone. No strings attached, these earbuds are actually wireless and sound awesome. Bluetooth 4.1 streaming tech- nology allows you up to 60 feet of range and offers quality sound without a single cable between the earbuds or the device to create a genuine feeling of freedom and flexibility. Other features and specifications include: storage case to hold and charge the earbuds; 10 hours of talk time and music time; hands-free calling; enhanced bass for great sound, Bluetooth version: V4.1; drive: 8mm; battery: 500Mah; impedance: 16ohms; product weight: 68g; working voltage: 3.2V-4.2V; sensi- tivity: -42db±2db; frequency range: 2.4- 2.48Ghz; and distance: <10m.

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