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GOURMET NEWS APRIL 2019 www.gourmetnews.com NEWS & NOTES 4 FROM THE EDITOR Over the past week or so, I've had more fun than I've had since the Winter Fancy Food Show. I went to the National Grocers Association's NGA Show for the first time this year, spent a whole two days back at home in Tucson and then flew back into winter to attend the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. At both events, the energy and enthusiasm with which people from both industries are bringing to bear in their quest to provide consumers with the wherewithal to put meals on their family tables was infectious and uplifting. It was altogether a wonderful way to end the winter, a thought I utter in the spirit of optimism, since I am planning to take off next week to drive up to the Oregon Cheese Festival, and the general plan is that I'll camp out along the way unless the weather forbids and make my hotel arrangements on the fly if the heavens open. I'm really hoping for friendly skies and warmish days! In the meantime, what I have seen over the past days is a shared sense that the Baby Boomer generation understands and sym- pathizes with Millennials more now that the younger generation is buying houses and having children. That stage of life comes with a whole set of problems that Baby Boomers have some idea how to deal with and know how to talk about, and that helps level a playing field in which we don't have the natural advantages of youth and the energy that comes with it or the tech- savvy that comes with having grown up with a world in which personal computers and the Internet just always existed. We may not be able to scamper for the finish line quite as quick as we used to – and the finish line we're looking at now isn't one that we're probably in a whole lot of hurry to get to anyway – but we do know how to put dinner on the table, and we do not plan to let Internet-created complications get in our way. Nicer weather would sure be helpful, though, so I do hope that we haven't irre- trievably broken the climate, and I'm not committing a mortal sin with a fossil-fu- eled journey into the land o' cheese while I think more about this. I have a lot more to say on all these points – and those of you who know me personally understand completely that I do not have an unwrit- ten thought – so I hope you'll keep read- ing both Gourmet News and Kitchenware News over the next year and that you're actually enjoying it as much as I enjoy the work on both of these magazines and their associated online activities. If you do want to stay up to date with every last thought as I have it, please do join us on Twitter at @gourmetnewsmag and @KNHRTweets. By the time you have this in your hands, I'll have been to Oregon, sampled myself into a cheese-fueled euphoria, and returned safely to my desk at our publishing office in Tucson, eager to find out who's winning this year's sofi Awards. "On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again..." Tra-la-la-la-la! Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet! GN — Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director FROM THE EDITOR WWW.GOURMETNEWS.COM PUBLISHER Kimberly Oser SENIOR ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Jules Denton-Card jules_d@oser.com EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Lorrie Baumann editor@oser.com ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Anthony Socci anthony_s@oser.com ASSOCIATE EDITORS Greg Gonzales Jeanie Catron Amanda Helt ART DIRECTOR Yasmine Brown GRAPHIC DESIGNER Jonathan Schieffer CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERS Caitlyn McGrath Susan Stein CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Tara Neal tara_n@oser.com CIRCULATION MANAGER Jamie Green jamie_g@oser.com EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Heather Albrecht heather_a@oser.com PUBLISHING OFFICE 1877 N. Kolb Road P.O. Box 1056 Tucson, AZ 85715 520.721.1300 Fax 520.721.6300 SUBSCRIBER SERVICES Gourmet News P.O. Box 30520 Tucson, AZ 85751 520.721.1300 G OURMET N EWS ® OSER COMMUNICATIONS GROUP FOUNDER Lee M. 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