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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Monday, March 4, 2019 8 Meet DishFish, the Tenacious New Shape of Clean DishFish, a new line of powerful multi- purpose sponges and non-scratch scrub- bers, designed to clean harder and smarter while staying fresh and odor-free longer, is making its debut at this year's show. Like its name implies, the DishFish sponge is shaped like a fish. Its design offers several functional benefits not found in other leading sponges. DishFish's patent-pending, revolutionary shape allows for effective cleaning in hard-to-reach spots. It's also designed to stand on its "tail" when not being used to dry quicker and stay fresh longer while reducing bacteria odors, mold and mildew. The patented DishFish ergonom- ic shape not only fits perfectly in your hand, it also cleans those tight spaces, such as a champagne flute. With most sponges needing to be replaced every one to two weeks, DishFish only has to be replaced every six to 12 weeks, offering significant savings. Unlike traditional cellulose sponges, DishFish products are made with PowerCell Technology™ which attacks the grease and grime, but is gentle enough to not scratch sensitive sur- faces. Its ForeverFresh Foam™ achieves absolute "wipe dry" results, making it perfect for everyday cleaning tasks with "better-than-cellulose" absorbency. DishFish dual-sided sponges and scrubbers are 10 times stronger, six times more water absorbent and two times more absorbent of grease and grime than the leading brand. The DishFish scrubbers are 2.5 times stronger than their respective competitors. In fact, over 92 per- cent of consumers preferred the DishFish over their current scrubber sponge. The DishFish family of products is perfect for the avid chef or the everyday family member who is charged with doing the dishes or heavy duty household cleaning. Stop by booth #N6140 to learn more about the DishFish line of products. aerolatte Matcha Tea Frother – Drink the Matcha, Feel the Magic aerolatte ® – the incredibly frothy coffee company – has had a new product brew- ing and is excited to share with you the launch of its matcha tea frother, which has been designed to optimise the flavor, the texture and the color of your matcha drinks. Nineteen years ago, Alan and Gary, Founders of aerolatte, were in search of the best solution for making perfect frothy milk. Changing the home coffee experience forever, their passion soon grew into a global business following the creation of their aerolatte milk frother. After noticing on social media that a lot of customers were using their aerolat- te original milk frothers to whisk up matcha tea, Alan and Gary felt that while the original milk frothers were perfect for creating incredibly frothy coffees, a ded- icated design would achieve better results in optimizing the flavor, color and health of matcha drinks, leading to the creation of the matcha tea frother. If you are new to matcha – the ever- growing health trend – matcha is a fine green powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves packed with antioxidants. Traditionally, matcha is used in the Japanese tea ceremony (also called the Way of Tea, a Japanese cultural activity) centered around the preparation and presentation of tea. The stainless-steel whisking head featured in the classic aerolatte milk frothers may reduce the b e n e f i c i a l effects of the antioxidants and micronutrients present in matcha; however, the aerolatte matcha tea frother has a special whisking head, designed specifically to mimic the action of a chasen (the special bamboo tea whisk used in the Japanese tea cere- mony), allowing you to get the most authentic result. The frother also has a new matcha specific motor, which works at the perfect speed for mixing matcha powder with water. Through its unique and clever design, the aerolatte matcha tea frother is perfect for anyone, from the professional health or food blogger to the new matcha convert looking to try a healthier alternative to tea. For a product demon- stration, or to see the magic in the matcha frother your- self, head over to aerolatte's booth #S1559. The team says: "We'd love to meet you at the show; pop by the stand and we'll be sure to have a hot mug of coffee waiting for you." Looking for some inspiration? You can follow aerolatte on its growing social media accounts at the following handles: Facebook: aerolatte.original; Twitter: aerolatteHQ; Pinterest & Instagram: aerolatte; Youtube: aerolatteTV. For more information, visit www .aerolatte.com, call 44.1923.851185, email ihhs19@aerolatte.com or visit booth #S1559. Lodging Star Wine Coolers Presented by The Royal Pacific Corporation Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and founded in 2002, Lodging Star is the manufacturer of a wide variety of wine cooler models. Known for its quality craftsmanship, sleek design fea- tures and low noise output, Lodging Star is a premier provider of custom-built and luxury home appliances. The company's reputation is built on providing innova- tive quality products at a great value. Lodging Star is also a major supplier of compact refrigerators for the home, office, dormitory and hoteliers, having one of the most trusted brands in the wine cooler market, designed for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Lodging Star offers wine coolers in various sizes, with the smallest cooler capacity holding 24 bottles, while the most expansive model holds 96 bottles. Lodging Star is the best choice for built-in and stand-alone wine refrigerators. Royal Pacific Corp., which was founded in New York/New Jersey in 1996, has for many successful years sup- plied the North American market with a variety of products manufactured in Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize for brand names such as Bon Jour, Sass on, Surf Style and Ocean Pacific. In 2001, with an office and manufacturing facility established in China, the company extended its product line to home and hospitality in-room products and has become a premier supply chain provider and product development guide. Royal Pacific comes to the show on behalf of Lodging Stars Wine Coolers Build-Under 48 bottles and Build-In type 24 bottles for Kitchen and Stand Alone 50-100 bottles for anywhere. Both Royal Pacific and Lodging Star are fully com- mitted to quality excellence. Royal Pacific partners with custom home builders, appliance distributors and remodelers. It is able to provide a strong supply chain to sup- port replenishment, along with well- trained customer service representatives available for any inquiries. The company invites customers and businesses to work together on mutually beneficial programs. Its industry knowl- edge, logistics, communication and value pricing help customers travel the some- times bumpy business road to a smooth, easy and successful experience. For more information, stop by booth #L13360, check out www.royalpacific- usa.com or call 917.767.7373. Viatek Launches Quirky Innovations, Brings People's Ideas to Life Viatek Consumer Products Group has always maintained a reputation for excel- lence, and 2019 promises to continue that tradition with the launch of Quirky Innovations. Breathing new life into the established Quirky brand, Viatek is launching an innovative assortment of products designed by empowered inven- tors who were inspired to create some- thing better. As a community-led invention plat- form, Quirky brings people's ideas to life. By pairing inventors with product design- ers such as Viatek Consumer Products Group, Quirky makes inventing and sell- ing products possible. Viatek's strong rep- utation for quality and ingenuity has always drawn inventors, retailers and consumers alike, so it was a natural move for both companies to work together to launch the new 2019 Quirky Innovations catalog with nearly 25 new products. Among the latest is the Pawcet Doggie Drinking Fountain, an amazing new product designed and developed by Tony Lytle. Inspired by his daughter's dog who happened to be suffering from dehydration one summer, Lytle came up with a solution to provide continuous water to her dogs. Not only did the Pawcet give the dogs the ability to stay hydrated, but they had a blast using it! By connecting the Pawcet to any standard garden hose, pets are able to activate the water flow by pressing the pedal with a paw. As a beer connoisseur, Viatek President Lou Lentine loved the taste of freshly poured draft beer, but being a busy dad, he didn't have the luxury to spend time enjoying beers in a bar. Because of this, he found a way to bring the crisp aerated taste of draft beer into his own kitchen with Tapology. Tapology Enthusiast allows you to have a straight-from-the-tap taste at home or at a tailgate party. This innovative battery- operated system puts the perfect head on a can of beer. Just insert your can, and pull the lever. Consumers can look for- ward to seeing many of the Quirky Innovations products in a variety of categories, includ- ing kitchen, emergency prepara- tion, tools, lighting, lawn and garden, cleaning and pets in stores in 2019. They also can be found on Home Shopping Network, HSN.com and at quirky.com. For more information on Quirky Innovations and Viatek, visit www.viatek catalogs.com and click on the digital cat- alog, or stop by Lakeside booth #L11147 and speak with a Quirky sales represen- tative.

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