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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 6 1 Monday, March 4, 2019 The DynaTrap DOT is a Safe, Silent, Simple™ way to discretely attract and kill fruit flies, house flies, moths, mos- quitoes and more. Plug in the DynaTrap DOT in the kitchen, near exterior doors, houseplants and pet areas – or at any indoor outlet where insects are a prob- lem. "We are extremely excited to launch the DynaTrap DOT, it is our most com- pact, versatile insect trap yet. This is the perfect indoor insect-control device for anyone, because of its sleek design and small size. We are anticipating it becom- ing another one of our many award-win- ning products," says Juan Rocha, Chief Executive Officer. Each DynaTrap DOT retails for DynaTrap (Cont'd. from p. 1) $9.99-$14.99 and comes with an LED AtraktaGlo light rated for approximately 20,000 hours, one StickyTech Glue Card that lasts approximately 21-30 days and a 30-day warranty on the device. Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC creates technology-driven indoor and outdoor insect traps that protect against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps and more. Unlike other insect removal solutions, Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC produces products that are uniquely chemical- and pesticide- free, affordable, easy to maintain, envi- ronmentally friendly and most important- ly – effective. To learn more about DynaTrap's award- winning products, visit www.dynatrap.com or stop by booth #N6744. Viatek President Lou Lentine stated, "We knew the Quirky Pivot Power was a great product and everyone has been excited to relaunch the line." Lentine goes on to say, "Viatek is thrilled to be able to bring Pivot Power products to retailers around the globe. Pivot Power is an amazing patented prod- uct that managed to find a way to make boring surge protectors fresh and inter- esting! There is no doubt that every household will want several and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of them are of the highest quality." Quirky's Power Products will also be handled exclusively by Viatek and it is already turning its eyes to expanding and improving on the line. With a nod to the changes in technology, Viatek will update existing products to better meet the needs Quirky Pivot Power (Cont'd. from p. 1) of consumers everywhere at a price every- one will love. New products are being researched every day and both companies are eager to continue in the upcoming year. The Pivot Power and Power Products are in stores in early 2019, and can already be found on the Home Shopping Network, HSN.com and at QuirkyPivotPower.com and ViatekProducts.com. With the progress already being made, Viatek Consumer Products Group is making it apparent that its recent acquisition of the licensing rights to the Quirky Pivot Power and Power Products line will be a success- ful endeavor. It's a new year and a new start for the Quirky brand! For more information, visit www.quirkypivotpower.com or stop by Lakeside booth #L11147 and speak with a sales representative. the past for time tested household solu- tions and make them available to today's shoppers at a low price. Our cleaning line of hand knit Scrub Cloths boasts several designs, including the traditional knit dish cloth pattern, which we offer in both 100 percent GOTS organic cotton, and in 100 percent natural jute for extra scrub power. We also have the Wave Cloth, beautifully crocheted in an Art Deco pattern with deep ribbing for added scrub traction and abrasion. Our Scrub-z pads are ideal for customers transitioning from sponges because they, like our other scrub cloths, are effective scrub tools for dishes, coun- tertops, stainless steel, glass cooktops and much more, but are smaller and have a hanging loop. What makes these tools truly won- derful is that they are machine washable and can last for years. Gone are the days of reusing dirty sponges, or piles of land- fill from discarded plastic cleaning tools. Toockies also recycle as potting mesh. Our bath line of exfoliators is also Toockies (Cont'd. from p. 1) machine washable. We offer His and Hers Wash Cloths, Circulation Gloves and Soap Socks. All are exfoliators that can be used both wet and dry. These products scrub without scratching the skin and are made out of 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton. Our kitchen essential line of prod- ucts consists of trivets, pot holders and coasters. Our trivets are made out of hand braided jute which is a natural fire retar- dant and not chemically treated. These products can support hot pans that have been baked at high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They are dish- washer safe and have air pockets in the design that improve grip and reduce con- densation. Our potholders are double walled thick knit tools that protect your hands from contact with heat even if wet. Our coasters are absorbent and elegant in three patterns and can be dyed to match your décor. Both our pot holders and coasters are machine washable and can be bleached if needed. For more information, email order@toockies.com. Sometimes it fights with shoes – and loses. That's why we launched the Coral One. It's the only 2-in-1 vacuum robot on the market that brings the first true innovation to the category in years. Equipped with a handheld component and nozzle accessories, it delivers cleaning power that extends beyond the floor. Consumers can clean a wide vari- ety of surfaces, from the creases of their sofa to their curtains and counter- tops. Pull out the handheld and it becomes a powerful cyclonic dust mag- net. Put it back in and it becomes a smart vacuum robot. Coral (Cont'd. from p. 1) The vacuum robot navigates each space it cleans using an internal computer that maps out the floor plan. Sensors enable it to determine the most efficient cleaning path by preventing it from bumping into objects. Cyclonic technolo- gy and high-power fans ensure the most powerful suction, and the custom-built wheels and modules guarantee the Coral One can easily climb over any uneven surfaces. It's thoughtfully designed for the way you actually clean and maintain your home. For more information, visit www.coral robots.com, call 323.813.5726 or email info@coralrobots.com. cooking and yourself. Milk Street is about that moment in that kitchen in that city and the thousands of other moments we will experience in the coming years. This is a culinary—not cultural—exchange. From the spices of north Africa to the vibrant flavors of Sichuan to the true cooking of the American south, their approach to the home kitchen is neither ethnic nor tradi- tional. It is an amalgam of many cul- tures. Milk Street is an invitation to the cooks of the world to sit at the same table. Milk Street Kitchen offers recipes from around the world, adapted and edited for the American home kitchen with a simpler, fresher, bolder approach to cooking well-suited to the 21st cen- tury. They have published three best- selling cookbooks and publish a bimonthly Milk Street Magazine Regal Ware (Cont'd. from p. 1) (James Beard Award Winner) with 150,000 paid readers per issue. Its Emmy Award-winning Milk Street Television is available in 98 percent of American households and is seen by 1.8 million viewers each week, and the weekly Milk Street Radio show is broadcast by 235 public radio stations and has had over 10 million podcast downloads in the last two years. The addition of the Milk Street prod- uct line fits its vision of enriching life by bringing families together and builds on a passion of creating memorable experi- ences and traditions around the table. The Christopher Kimball Milk Street collec- tion not only offers tradition, but inspira- tion for a simpler, fresher, bolder approach to cooking. To see the wide range of products, visit booth #S3215. After the show, visit www.regalware.com, call 262.626.2121 or email info@regalware.com. recently introduced dropship capabili- ties as well as partnered with third party distributors, allowing us to increase our digital footprint and assortment on numerous retailer dot com sites. KNSD: Is this something that retailers are looking for? AH: Based on industry trends, absolutely! The request has been for manufacturers to have a B2B website to service smaller accounts. There are numerous efficiencies with having a B2B website, including the ability to shop 24/7, receive confirmation within seconds of placing an order, engage- ment and accessibility to a digital cata- log with real time on-hand inventory. No more the need to phone, email and/or fax an order in and then wait for someone to contact you back with an answer on availability. Our neatfreak B2B direct website will be able to con- firm your placed order within seconds, similar to our B2C website that our con- sumers purchase from today. One thing to note on the neatfreak B2B direct website, sign in access is only provided to qualified and approved retailers and an online application form is available to start the approval process. Once the retailer is approved, unique sign in credentials are provided to the retailer. KNSD: Why do you feel this is a viable Neatfreak (Cont'd. from p. 1) option for retailers? AH: The number one reason is the ease of use for the retailer. I truly believe once retailers have visited the neatfreak B2B direct website, they will be impressed with not only the functionality of the platform but more importantly with the excellent user experience on the site. We have tried to simplify the online experi- ence, so that product categories and prod- ucts themselves can be found with mini- mum steps, hence making the start to end journey leading to checkout a seamless one. KNSD: How is this different from neatf- reak's existing order process? AH: Presently, as most of our products are made to order, our customers tend to be large retailers that can meet min- imum order quantities and production timelines. This left smaller retailers without the ability to purchase neatf- reak branded product. With neatfreak B2B direct, these smaller retailers can now order directly from our existing catalog and available inventory, with no minimum order quantities, and have the products shipped directly to their stores. For more details about neatfreak home organization products and neatfreak B2B direct, visit booth #N7740, Clean & Contain, or contact Asif Husain, Director of Digital Marketing, at 905.624.6262, ext. 271. Visit Neatfreak online at www.neatfreak.com.

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