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Construction Marketplace 4 5 Tuesday, February 19, 2019 orders, view invoices and track ship- ments. AccessNow offers customers a live portal into their Elias Woodwork account with insider access to products and services, which will save them a significant amount of time. They no longer have to wait for pricing on most products and can submit quotes for homeowners at a moment's notice. They can manage their accounts online and place orders outside business hours. Combined with Elias Woodwork's com- petitive pricing and vast product selec- tion, this tool provides industry profes- sionals with a significant competitive advantage in their marketplace. Increased production also created a need to expand facilities in various areas from a total of 285,000 square feet to 360,000 square feet. It is impor- tant to Elias Woodwork that it can pro- vide custom products in a timely man- ner. This meant increasing shipping and warehouse facilities to ensure orders are packaged accurately and efficiently with proper inspection. Two of the facilities have expanded these areas by 50 percent, which includes a new truck shop. This additional space has helped to accommodate more inventory and improved organization for increased shipping efficiency procedures. This, combined with efforts to improve pro- duction process and awareness pro- grams, has enabled Elias Woodwork to decrease warranty issues by 50 percent in the last year alone. Considering its significant growth with new staff and Elias Woodwork (Cont'd. from p. 1) increased production, Elias Woodwork is particularly proud of this accomplish- ment, which proves the benefits of its well thought-out processes. Another big change to its facilities includes moving the production of its Thermofoil components to one of the larger expanded plants, giving 50 percent more production space for additional equipment and staff. Benefits of this expansion for customers include increased capacity and reduced lead times. With Thermofoil showing a signif- icant growth in popularity, this will help Elias Woodwork keep up with the demand. Staying on top of industry trends is important for Elias Woodwork, which also recently expanded its Thermofoil color offerings and door styles for additional benefits to its cus- tomers' design toolbox. Other products lines that have seen increased capacity are moldings and its AOS Elite custom cabinet boxes. Elias Woodwork has become an industry-leading manufacturer that strives to create solutions for your cabi- netry components needs and provides you with advantages of quality products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. Keep your eyes open for future develop- ments that include a newly developed website with comprehensive product details. Call today and get your next proj- ect quoted. Learn more at KBIS booth #SL3269. After the show, call 800.665.0623, email sales@eliaswoodwork.com or visit www.eliaswoodwork.com. devices into a single, unified solution, while the Intelligent Home Connectivity solution integrates active Power-over- Ethernet (PoE), uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and wireless technology (WiFi) into a single managed hardware and software platform that simplifies pur- chasing, construction and management operations. The active devices of Suttle's Intelligent Home Connectivity solution are designed to be managed by the home- owner, tenant and service providers, dra- matically simplifying network trou- bleshooting and reducing the number of service calls and are concealed as an unobtrusive, attractive, integrated solu- tion that fits any décor. "Product kitting, PoE, UPS or WiFi are not new concepts, but how Suttle integrates them is what offers a huge relief for the home developer and installer market. Everything fits and works out of a single media panel, so the time to design and build a smart home connectivity platform is dramatically reduced," said Sev Sadura, General Manager of Suttle. About Suttle Suttle has long been an approved vendor with major service providers (Telco, Suttle (Cont'd. from p. 1) CATV, ISP) for service distribution from the panel all the way to the jack in a face- plate. With over 100 years of experience in telephony and broadband networks, Suttle takes pride in producing high- quality solutions from its manufacturing plant and HQ in Hector, Minnesota. The groundbreaking tool-less CAT6 jack is becoming the standard for data wiring. Additional voice and data jacks are also complemented with Suttle's modular faceplates. Suttle's industry experts have designed MediaMAX panels to be modu- lar, long-lasting and trouble-free to house and protect hardware and electronics. Accessories such as shelves and cable guides are ideal to neatly fit provider equipment such as modems and gate- ways. The panel's superior ventilation keeps electronics cool. Visit Suttle at IBS booth #SU246 to see the Brilliance Award-winning MediaMAX Contractor Kits, the Edison Innovation Award-winning tool-less CAT6 jacks as well as its ground-breaking Intelligent Home Connectivity solution. Call Suttle for a quote at 800.852.8662 or visit www.suttlesolutions.com to view the full line of products and find where to buy. For more information, stop by IBS booth #SU246. for five years, and in that time have col- laborated to update offerings to meet the growing needs of their joint customer base of residential homebuilders and developers. The two companies will con- tinue to advance this product integration to ensure data is accurate across the two systems and provide customers with dashboards of insightful information that will enable them to more effectively and efficiently operate their businesses. "Customer feedback is at the core of everything we do at ECi, and we recog- nized that there was an opportunity to improve the efficiency of our joint sys- tems and make our customers' lives easi- er," said Scott Duman, President, Residential Home Construction Group, Building & Construction Division at ECi. "We are confident that this data sync will allow our MarkSystems users to better leverage the value that Lasso CRM pro- vides, such as lead management, email marketing, dedicated reporting and more." About ECi ECi Software Solutions provides end-to- end business management software and ECi (Cont'd. from p. 4) services, focusing on cloud-based tech- nologies. For 30-plus years, ECi has served small to medium-sized manufac- turing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field serv- ice organizations. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, the Netherlands and Australia. For information, email info@ecisolutions.com, visit www.eciso- lutions.com or call 800.959.3367. About Lasso Lasso is the leading provider of cloud- based CRM software designed exclusive- ly for new home marketing and sales. Lasso CRM is designed for ease of use and rapid deployment to maximize each client's ROI while reducing their tech- nology and financial risk. Lasso is a pri- vately held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more at www.lassocrm.com. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information, stop by IBS booth #SU925 or go to www2.ecisolutions .com. Kron to regain some of her freedom and independence in spite of several obstacles, including a very tight time- line. In Doyle's own words, the lift, "allows Susan to get out of the house in her remaining days, to the doctor or simply to smell the flowers. As every- one on this end knows, I became a little bit attached to the project and specifi- cally the cause, as it and she became near and dear to my heart…I like to think this is what we are all about, Garaventa Lift (Cont'd. from p. 4) helping those in need." For her part, Kron appreciated the effort. In a message to Doyle after the lift installation was completed, she wrote, "Dear Mike, I wanted to let you know that the lift is fantastic. Thank you so much for all you did to usher us through the maze of regulations and rules. Being able to get out and about again means the world to me, and we couldn't have done it without you." For more information, stop by IBS booth #N1573 or go to www.garaventalift.com. Executive Officer of Currant, ÒIdle ener- gy usage resulting from always-on devices is a larger problem than most people realize, costing Americans 19 bil- lion dollars per year. Currant addresses this problem by leveraging AI to help people discover their home energy offenders, so they can cut excess electricity usage without sacri- ficing comfort or convenience. Consumers can also monitor and control their devices remotely and can connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to enable voice activated control. Trinseo has been supplying its EMERGE™ Advanced Resins for the Currant product during the prototyping and now in production. Trinseo materials can be seen throughout the Currant Smart Outlet – the outer housing, the substrate for the reflective front face and several inner components. Trinseo's EMERGE Advanced Resins, which are specialty engineered performance plastics, have been designed to meet the exacting specifica- tions for Currant including cosmetic, reliability and UL-driven safety requirements. Among the reasons Currant selected Trinseo as a partner was because of the company's color matching capability, including its ability to achieve an ultra- bright white. The company has research and development centers globally, including color labs with expertise in Trinseo (Cont'd. from p. 1) complex colors. Color is such an impor- tant factor today for product differentia- tion, branding and end-user satisfaction and Trinseo is recognized globally for its capability. Trinseo supports various consumer- oriented markets with specialty engi- neered plastics solutions. The company supports the growing consumer technolo- gies sector with advanced material solu- tions including projects that involve bio- compatible plastics for skin contact applications, chemical resistant materi- als, transparent light diffusion grades to allow for translucent LED displays, and plastics with recycled content to support sustainability goals. As consumer technologies evolve, product developers and designers need to consider materials that they may not have considered in the past. Plastics have emerged as an important solution to new-product challenges in that they enable properties such as portability, durability and appealing aesthetics while allowing additional characteris- tics such as biocompatibility, ignition and chemical resistance, and/or various degrees of transparency. Trinseo, the global manufacturer and compounder of performance plastics, has been help- ing customers find just the right solu- tion. Trinseo is proud to be a partner of Currant. For more information, go to www .trinseo.com.

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