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Construction Marketplace 4 1 Tuesday, February 19, 2019 performance. These problems vary wide- ly by region and building product type. Below are the "seven deadly most common construction sins." They require continuing surveillance during the build- ing design, construction and maintenance life cycle. 1. Improperly Designed and Constructed Roofing Systems Increasingly popular flat roofs with decks over living spaces (functioning like a walkable roof) are a potential water intrusion disaster. Missing ventilation assemblies also lead to interior dry rot and structural failures. 2. Improperly Installed Windows and Doors Evidence of failure by water intrusion and telltale drywall stains are much too common. Hidden defects include reverse lapped flashing membranes; missing sheet metal flashings; corrosion from dis- similar flashing metals; and improperly installed flashing at heads, jambs and sills. Deeply recessed windows, lacking positive sloping sills for effective drainage, are notorious failures. Similarly, radius topped windows need extra care from installers to assure proper lapping of the head flashing strips from bottom to top. 3. Improperly Designed and Built Decks or Balconies Safety is critical in balcony design and construction – whether a two-story wood-frame structure in Los Angeles or a 60-story concrete/steel high-rise in Miami. Poorly drawn plan details become poorly installed assemblies. 4. Improperly Constructed Structural Components Structural framing members support the entire building. Problems arise from undersized beams, posts and trusses, as LJP Construction Services (Cont'd. from p. 1) well as inadequate shear nailing or improperly welded connection hardware. Also, failure to properly design and con- struct the required load paths from the foundations to the walls and the roofing members will prove untenable during earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. 5. Improperly Constructed Exterior Walls Brick, rock, aluminum, wood, vinyl and stucco are typical exterior cladding sys- tems, protecting the building structure while also providing esthetic appeal. Furthermore, wall systems without exte- rior drainage planes in wet climate zones will lead to early failures of the building skins and potentially structural members underneath. 6. Defective Foundations and Concrete Slabs The structural integrity of foundations is largely a function of improperly mixed concrete (e.g. excessive water in the design mix), missing embedments and improper subgrade prep. High water content of the mix equals high porosity, which also equals low com- pressive strength. Structural reinforc- ing also becomes vulnerable to mois- ture intrusion driven into the slab by the physics of vapor pressure differen- tials. 7. Improperly Installed MEPs, HVAC and Insulation Systems Fortunately, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEPs) designs and installa- tions are typically completed by trained, tested and licensed professionals. LJP Construction Services has been at the forefront of the quality assurance movement on behalf of builder and insur- ance clients for 25 years. For more information, visit www.ljpltd.com or stop by IBS booth #SU1534. CM: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts this year? MH: We are once again expanding our series of back-up pumps. The new Aquanot ® Fit 508 battery back-up system offers an economical option for home- owners searching for dependable protec- tion against basement flooding. The Fit comes with a three-year warranty and self-testing controller with built-in main- tenance and alarms. The Fit is also Z Control ® enabled with built-in WiFi, allowing customers extra protection with remote monitoring and control, and free email, text and push notifications. We've also developed a new water- powered back-up, the 540 Flex that we're featuring at IBS this year, which will be available to the market very soon. The Flex is given its name for the adjustable elbow that allows for flexibility and ease of installation no matter what piping con- figuration you find yourself faced with. We're showing our new Floatless switches this year at IBS, too. True to their name, they overcome common issues caused by using standard float switches. They're easy to install and make float hang-ups a thing of the past. We're really excited about our latest additions, and they're all eligible for Contractor Rewards. CM: What's Contractor Rewards? MH: This past April, we joined a coali- tion program for manufacturers that offers rewards for contractors purchasing eligible products from coalition sponsors. We're very excited about this new pro- gram and the opportunity to reward our loyal contractors installing Zoeller Pump product out in the field. It's completely free for contractors, builders and remodelers to sign up, and Zoeller Pump Company (Cont'd. from p. 1) all they need to do is submit their invoic- es detailing eligible products via email or direct upload to www.contractorre- wards.com. They get points for the prod- ucts they submit, which they can redeem for some really nice rewards. They've got over one million rewards to choose from, including outdoor gear, tools, trips and top-of-the-line electronics. On top of all that, points contractors earn between manufacturing sponsors are pooled together, just making it easier to get big- ger and better rewards. Our main goal with this program is to reach out through a new avenue to the contractor. The contractor is integral to our line of business. Not only does Contractor Rewards let us reward our loyal Zoeller Pump contractors, but it also provides us with a direct means of communication to provide them with news of upcoming product and tools to support them in their work with our prod- ucts. CM: How do potential new customers know that they can trust you with their business? MH: Zoeller is a trusted name that has proudly been in the business for 80 years now. We are one of the oldest known manufacturers of submersible pumps in the United States and we pro- vide a quality, dependable product. We have multiple check points and tests throughout the manufacturing process that product must pass, and all pumps are wet tested for their published per- formance before they are sent out for distribution. We build our pumps with durable materials to guarantee a longer pump life and to ensure a secure invest- ment with each purchase. For more information, go to www.zoeller pumps.com, call 502.778.2731, email zcotechnical@zoeller.com or stop by IBS booth #C8745. with common building materials; readi- ly available and competitively priced; rugged, reliable performance; and Made in the USA. MFM Low Slope Roofing Membrane Peel & Seal ® is a 45mil aluminum sur- face membrane used as a whole roof cov- ering for low slope/low pitch roofing applications. This single-ply, one-step membrane is applied direct to the roof deck without the use of coatings, adhe- sives or other fasteners. Peel & Seal pro- vides a long lasting, durable, mainte- nance-free roofing surface. MFM Steep Slope Underlayment Solutions MFM offers the builder nine underlay- ment product lines for use under shin- gles, shakes, metal roofing systems or tile. Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is MFM's premium underlayment product. This 45mil, high temperature rated underlayment is designed specifically for use under metal roofing systems, and is composed of a non-slip, cross-laminated polymer film. MFM Above/Below Grade Waterproofing SubSeal™ is an advanced 40 or 60mil waterproofing membrane that is engi- neered to be a multi-purpose sheet suit- MFM Building Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) able for above and below grade, as well as vertical or horizontal applications. These membranes are designed for extreme moisture protection and can be used as through-wall flashings, on foun- dation walls, plaza and parking garages, and on features such as windows, sills, pot shelves and parapets. SubSeal com- plies with AAMA 711 when used as a window flashing material. MFM Window Flashing Tapes MFM offers both self-adhered and mechanically-attached window flashing tapes. WindowWrap ® is a patented fami- ly of self-adhered window and door flashing tapes that can accommodate any window and door configuration. WindowWrap tapes are available in alu- minized polymer films, flex polyethylene crepe for curved shapes and patented PowerBond™ adhesive system for low temperature applications. WindowWrap PSX-20, WindowWrap PowerBond and WindowWrap White comply with AAMA 711. Request a Free Sample Visit booth #C6848 at IBS or online at www.mfmbp.com to request a free sam- ple for any standard MFM product. For more information, call 740.622.2645, go to www.mfmbp.com, email info@mfmbp.com or stop by IBS booth #C6848. Adjustable Cheese Slicer by Cuisipro The Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer effortlessly slices cheese to its desired thickness with the simple twist of a knob. The roller glides over cheese and cuts through without sticking. The adjustable knob helps to create the desired thick- ness. The slicer edge is ideal for creating slices up to 5 mm. Simply adjust the roller flush with blade edge for safe stor- age. The Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer has a sharp, stainless steel blade with an oversized, comfortable handle and is dishwasher safe. For more information, call 866.849.4715 or visit cuisipro.com. Herb Saver by Kuhn Rikon The Herb Saver by Kun Rekon is lab ver- ified to keep herbs fresh for up to three weeks. It creates an ideal environment to keep herbs and asparagus fresher longer. The adjustable-height container is designed to fit pre-cut herbs from the mar- ket, fresh-cut sprigs from the garden or spears of asparagus. The interior herb tray features a leaf-shaped handle for quick and easy access to the herbs and the water reservoir. The herb tray also features a removable divider insert with three sec- tions to keep herbs upright and organized. For more information, call 855.840.3724 or visit www.kuhnrikonshop.com.

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