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Construction Marketplace Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1 8 HB&G Building Products Introduces Reengineered Column Sleeve Leading column manufacturer HB&G Building Products Inc. has reengineered the PermaLite ® pultruded FRP column to work not only as a load bearing column, but as a single piece sleeve for wood or steel posts. This new sleeve can be used to combat labor, money and time short- ages for contractors and home builders. Many home builders have been using site-built columns as an alternative to a traditional column. There are many drawbacks to the site-built columns that can be resolved when using this PermaLite sleeve. Site-built columns are often hastily created and do not have a pleasing aesthetic. They also use a lot of different pieces and can take upwards of three to four hours to put together. With the PermaLite pultruded sleeve, there is a smooth, solid appearance that can be installed in a fraction of the time. PermaLite column sleeves can be installed directly over a 4x4 or 6x6 load bearing wood post during the framing stage. Using this method saves time, labor and money. With many homes using multiple square columns, the money and time saved only increases with the number of columns on a house that use the PermaLite column sleeve. PermaLite columns can also be used as a load bearing column without the need for an internal support system. James Augustine, Vice President of Sales – National Builders and Supply Channel, said, "Given the reengineered design of our PermaLite columns and the very positive feedback we are getting from builders, we are very optimistic for what is in store for HB&G Building Products in 2019." HB&G Building Products is the leading col- umn and porch post manu- facturer in the United States with distribution in North America. Since its start in 1880, HB&G has continued to innovate and perfect FRP columns, PVC column wraps, porch posts and outdoor living products. For more information, go to www .hbgcolumns.com, call 800.264.4424, email info@hbgcompanies.com or stop by IBS booth #N555. ProServices from Lowe's An interview with James Versaggi, Director, ProServices – Channel Sales. CM: Tell our readers about Lowe's ProServices. JV: ProServices is the arm of Lowe's that works with builders, repair remod- elers, specialty tradesmen and residen- tial and commercial property manage- ment professionals. All 1,700-plus store locations have a dedicated ProServices team to manage Pro cus- tomers' business from quoting, picking orders, getting you out of the store quickly and even dedicated loaders. ProServices can even meet you at your jobsite, office or facility to help you with your business needs. Our Pro team is dedicated to serving Pro cus- tomers whenever and wherever they choose to engage. CM: Tell our readers about your relation- ship with NAHB. JV: Lowe's partnership with the NAHB began in the 1950s locally with the North Carolina Home Builders' Association and has continued to grow through the decades. Lowe's is one of the largest sup- porters of the Association as well as the International Builders' Show. Lowe's is a sponsor of the Professional Women in Building Council and the Remodelers Council. Lowe's is also the exclusive sponsor of NAHB Education, because we believe if the trades remain up to date on new technologies and techniques, then homes and commercial buildings will continue to be built to the highest stan- dard. CM: What is new and exciting about Pro? JV: We continue to further build out our capabilities with our B2B ecommerce solution, www.lowesfor- pros.com, to be able to reach our Pro customers whenever and wherever they choose, by offering Pro exclusive pricing and promotions they can't get anywhere else. Lowe's continues to offer trusted Pro brands, including DeWalt, Hitachi/Metabo HPT, SharkBite, Southwire, Marshalltown and A.O. Smith. Also, Lowe's continues to drive awareness of our 'Buy In Bulk' strategy, where Pro customers can purchase bulk quantities of any products and receive custom pricing on orders of $1,500 or more. We also have 'Contractor Pack' discounts on more than 2,000 items that can save Pro customers between five and 50 percent when the minimum quantity is purchased, and carry job lot quantities of products you use most so you can get the product you need, when you need it. CM: What is one thing you want NAHB members to know they can get at Lowe's that they cannot get anywhere else? JV: Lowe's ProServices has an exclusive program not offered any- where else with members of the NAHB. Members can receive an addi- tional two percent off their billing statement via statement credit, in addi- tion to the five percent everyday in- store and online discount, when they register their Lowe's Business Credit Account (LBA) or Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR). As an added bene- fit, registered LAR/LBA members also receive free delivery on all orders of $500 or more. See your local ProServices Specialist to take advan- tage of this benefit. For more information, visit IBS booth #C4107 and www.lowesforpros.com. Zoeller's New Floatless Switches Overcome Common Issues In the autumn of 2018, Zoeller released its latest development in switch tech- nology. The new Floatless™ switches with solid state tech are tested for over one million cycles of operation. They have approximately a 7-inch differen- tial between "on" and "off" points with a built-in secondary "on" point, and adjustable level settings. Installation is super simple with these convenient switches; just fasten the switch to your piping and plug your pump into the pig- gyback plug. It's that easy! The Floatless switch has options available for both sump (10-4659) and sewage (10-4660) applications and can be pur- chased individually or alongside Zoeller's new LN series pumps. This package is available with three of Zoeller's industry-proven, all cast iron pumps; models 53 (53-0084) and 98 (98-0069) for residential sump and model 267 (267-0121) for sewage. Standalone switch- es and LN Series pumps with switch both have a three-year warranty. Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Zoeller Company is one of the oldest independently- owned professional pump manufacturers in North America. Since that time, Zoeller has established itself as a leader in pump equipment and technology, producing durable, long-lasting products that cus- tomers can rely on. Zoeller offers a broad range of pumps and package sys- tems for both wastewater and potable water applica- tions. Over the years, the company has expanded to new locations, continually offering new and diverse products to meet the needs of the industry today. For more information, go to www.zoeller pumps.com, call 502.778.2731, email zcotechnical@zoeller.com or stop by IBS booth #C8745. SecuRam SmartEntry with Waterproof Finger Vein ID Technology SecuRam Systems, a leader in electronic security, is pleased to introduce SecuRam SmartEntry front door lock incorporating the latest biometric authentication – Finger Vein ID. Finger Vein ID technology goes well beyond fingerprint scanning – it analyzes the blood vessel or vascular pattern below the epidermal layer of your finger and then using its unique matching algorithm, validates entry to only enrolled users. One of the great deficiencies asso- ciated with fingerprint biometrics has been its inability to work in outdoor conditions. With its invention of water- proof Finger Vein ID, SecuRam has delivered the absolute security of advanced biometric access to virtually any installation condition. Finger Vein ID was already a remarkable advance; SecuRam has perfected it even further. With customers and applications rang- ing from home access to banking and automotive security, SecuRam remains the reference standard in authentication technology. Blood vessel patterns are unique to each individual, as are other biometric data such as fingerprints or the patterns of the iris. However, unlike some biomet- ric systems, blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit because they are located beneath the skin's sur- face. Biometric systems based on finger- prints, depending upon the technology, can be fooled with a dummy finger fitted with a copied fingerprint. The Finger Vein ID system is much harder to fool and it requires the finger of a living per- son to authenticate. SmartEntry represents a break- through in high security authentication for home or office use. This technology was once only available on high-end security equipment used by high tech companies. SecuRam Systems is the first security company to successfully incorporate this very secure biometric authentication system into access con- trol products for everyday use. Simply touch the SmartEntry scan- ner and then the science goes to work to determine if you are an enrolled user. A positive match sends a signal to the SmartEntry door lock to open immedi- ately, allowing fast and secure access to your home or office. With optional Wi-Fi connectivity, you can manage and monitor your SmartEntry from your smartphone. SecuRam SmartEntry: Highly secure, easy-to-use biometric technology to protect those most precious to you. For more information, go to www .securamsys.com.

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