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Construction Marketplace 4 5 Thursday, February 21, 2019 very easily be a 'do it yourself' home- owner with these vanities arriving on your doorstep fully assembled. With that said, we also cater to designers, hospital- ity projects and new construction. CM: Describe the distinctive styles Bellaterra Home offers. BC: We offer our traditional pieces with a classical hand carved, beautiful wood grain look. We also offer transitional pieces with a timeless appeal and a style that really feels like home, as well as contemporary pieces with marvelous glasswork designs and a modern tone about them. This leading edge flavor includes floating vanity styles, tempered glass and raised basin designs. CM: What range of vanity sizes does Bellaterra offer? BC: Bellaterra vanity sizes range from 20 inches to 118 inches. Our floating vanities come as narrow as 20 inches for a clean, contemporary look. Our twin basin, classic collection comes as wide as 118 inches, for the more robust attitude. CM: Overall, tell our readers about the product construction. BC: Bellaterra uses only the finest prod- ucts and processes in the industry in our construction. We offer genuine stone counter tops including Italy White Carrara Marble, Creama Marfil Marble, Black Granite, Baltic Brown Granite, Travertine and Tempered glass sink basins on some models. Solid wood con- struction on the cabinet and dovetail drawer box construction. CM: Tell our readers about the wood products Bellaterra uses. BC: We use solid wood in our cabinetry. All of our finishes are 100 percent water- proof. Luxurious finishes that we offer Bellaterra Home (Cont'd. from p. 1) are Espresso, Walnut, Ebony, Black and White. Beautiful hand carvings are found throughout our products. They are truly pieces of art. CM: What kind of hardware goes into Bellaterra Home products? BC: On all of our drawers, we offer full extension glides. We use BLUM ® soft closing hardware in our cabinetry, a name synonymous with 'Quality in Motion.' We use only the highest quality, solid hardware on our pieces. These come in different styles and colors to best fit the attitude of the vanity. Specifically, you can find brushed nickel, satin, chrome and crystal throughout our collections. CM: How do Bellaterra Home vanities arrive to the end user? BC: Our vanities are 100 percent assem- bled and ready to be dressed with your choice of faucet hardware. They come to your door fully protected in an all- encompassing package, accounting for all obstacles shipping may throw at us. We take every precaution to ensure every customer is 100 percent satisfied. CM: What is the warranty on Bellaterra Home's products? BC: Let me start by saying that we combine the newest technology stan- dards into the manufacturing process with traditional craftsmanship and rig- orous inspections, and we assure the consumer that only the finest quality products will be delivered to their home. Having said that, the warranty on all Bellaterra Home bathroom vanities against manufacturer's defects is one year from the date of purchase and sub- ject to the original owner. Visit Bellaterra Home at KBIS booth #SL3841. For more information, go to www.bellaterra-home.com, call 888.928.9918 or email sales@bella terra-home.com. independent floor covering associations. Our original product line of our elas- tomeric peel-and-stick membranes con- tinues to be our flagship product line. The PROFLEX elastomeric membranes pro- vide flooring installations a triple protec- tion of crack-isolation, sound reduction and a moisture vapor barrier. Our elas- tomeric membranes are easy to install, and allow you to install your finish sur- faces immediately after installing PROFLEX with no waiting time. PROFLEX also features a specialty product for areas requiring positive waterproofing protection. PROFLEX Hydra-Seal is a semi-liquid applied prod- uct that forms a barrier preventing mois- ture vapor transmission, and blocks the intrusion of water to protect surfaces from structural damage. Hydra-Seal can be applied to concrete and exterior-grade wood surfaces, and will adhere to variety PROFLEX (Cont'd. from p. 1) of irregular forms such as base flashing and walls. Hydra-Seal is ideal for use in showers, steam rooms, bathrooms, pools, fountains and areas requiring positive waterproofing. The latest inclusion to our family of products is the Pro-Stick line of mortars, thinsets, mastics and specialty adhesives. PROFLEX offers a variety of products designed for surface preparation, setting tile and stone surfaces, and adhesives for both engineered and solid wood surfaces. Pro-Stick mortars and adhesives are fully compatible with our PROFLEX mem- branes, and we offer full system war- ranties to suit a variety of applications. PROFLEX is continually expanding our product line to offer a variety of flooring surface installation solutions to ensure your natural finished surface will last for years. To learn more, visit www.proflex.us or call 877.577.6353. completely close doors and gates securely after using the elevator. If a door or gate is left partially ajar, the ele- vator will not operate. Nowadays, an increasing number of architects, designers and builders are elect- ing to include a cost-effective elevator specifically designed for inclusion in luxu- ry custom homes. The most reliable and convenient solution is to provide a Home Elevator by Garaventa Lift, equipped with the Premium Door Package, which Home Elevators (Cont'd. from p. 4) includes side-sliding elevator doors. The three door panels open at various speeds, as all panels reach the fully open position at the same time in one smooth operation. Doors operate automatically and include safety light curtains, which retract the doors when sensing an obstruction. No need to worry about compliance with ele- vator codes regarding entrance clearances. The Premium Door Package by Garaventa Lift guarantees compliance. For more information, stop by IBS booth #N1573 or go to www.garaventalift.com. the company, which has been a major presence in the Colorado Springs and Monument, Colorado markets since 1983. Business has been very strong at Vantage Homes in recent years, due in no small part to the company's ongo- ing commitment to technology. "We've been generating 30 percent growth year over year and gone from fewer than 100 homes in 2015 to 130 in 2018," Weiss reports proudly. Growth on that scale would be no mean feat in any market. But there's one other detail that makes Vantage Homes' recent performance even more impres- sive: All that growth has come with zero additions to the company's administrative staff. Key back office functions such as purchasing, estimat- ing and accounting are managed with the same number of people today that they were three years ago! As an organization, Vantage Homes has been increasing its productivity at pretty much the same rate as sales over the past few years. It's not just by chance; both Weiss and Hess make clear. The surge in both areas coincides with the company's implementation of MarkSystems ® and LotVue ® home build- ing software. "The impact of MarkSystems and LotVue on Vantage Homes has been huge," says Weiss. "MarkSystems not only has allowed us to streamline our Vantage Homes (Cont'd. from p. 1) operations and develop better processes and procedures, but it has also created a new level of accountability throughout our organization." As a lot option builder, Weiss points out, Vantage Homes is con- tinually tracking and updating a vast quantity of information across a broad range of functions and departments – land development, lot status, purchasing, sales, contract management, construction and more. "We gained some very significant operational efficiencies when we switched to MarkSystems and when you have to keep track of options and com- mitments for as many as 500 lots, that makes a huge difference," she says. Reports that before might have taken two or three days to prepare lit- erally require just three mouse clicks today, Weiss says. And, she adds, the level of confidence in what those reports are telling the company is far higher than before the move to MarkSystems. "When you're working in Excel or a similar program, it's just too easy to make errors," Weiss points out. "With LotVue, you learn very quickly that you can trust it to deliver accurate, real-time informa- tion and the fact that it's web-based means you can access it 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connec- tion." Read the full story and learn more at www2.ecisolutions.com/vantage, or stop by IBS booth #SU925. PRO SCRAIL fasteners are versatile and compatible with several FASCO America tools, such as F60 CN15W- PS90 SCR, F58AC RHN20-90B SCR and F58AC CHN33-90B SCR. Their holding power is only improved through FASCO America's diamond coat tech- nology, which utilizes a polymeric bond- ing agent, contains various expansion elements, increases holding power by more than 20 percent and reduces drive energy by more than 10 percent on aver- age. SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners are the approved fastening method to install AdvanTech ® and Norbord ® subfloor pan- els, and they're certified to be fully com- pliant with the latest (2015) version of IBC & IRC building codes and standards (IAPMO Report #0406) and CE approved in accordance with EN14592/Eurocode 5. They truly combine the best of both worlds by offering the high-speed instal- SubLoc (Cont'd. from p. 1) lation that a nail would provide, and the dynamic holding power and adjustability of a screw. However, unlike both nails and screws, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fas- teners have shank and head geometry that provide a clamping force to help pull the material tight to joists and trusses. With head pull through values more than 10 percent higher, and withdrawal values that are more than 40 percent higher than ring shank nails, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners are the premier fasteners for building professionals. FASCO America is the master dis- tributor for products manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group, a leader in pneumatic tool and fastener develop- ment. For over 100 years, the BECK Fastener Group has been a company focused on creating innovative, high quality products that generate time sav- ings for the professionals who use its products. For more information, stop by IBS booth #SU3042 or go to www.fascoamerica.com.

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