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Construction Marketplace 4 1 Thursday, February 21, 2019 JA: HB&G is the largest manufacturer of columns in North America and offers not only the greatest breadth of column options in material, size and style, but also of the highest quality. HB&G Building Products come with industry- leading warranties, and in some cases, the only manufacturer whose products are building code certified! CM: What is the nature of your distribu- tion? JA: HB&G has the ability to service builders nationally from coast to coast and into Canada. CM: How do you adapt your products or services to your customers' needs? JA: By listening closely to our cus- tomer's feedback. As the manufacturer of our products, we have the ability to incor- porate changes to our products and/or product portfolio to provide specific solutions to the challenges our customers are facing in today's very competitive environment. CM: Who's your target market? JA: Our focus is on the builder, with a special emphasis on the large national builders that have the most to gain from the compounding of efficiencies and labor savings of using HB&G columns. CM: What are you doing this year that's different from what you did last year? JA: At HB&G, we have made a con- scious decision to actively engage the builder and provide solutions that address the labor shortage being experi- enced across our industry by providing and engineering our products to be HB&G Building Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) installed easier, faster, aesthetically supe- rior and with fewer labor hours. CM: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead? JA: One of the greatest challenges HB&G will face in the upcoming year is getting on the radar screen for the builders who are facing challenges of labor shortage, cost and time, where smaller category items like columns may not be first and foremost in a builder's priorities. CM: What is your outlook for the next year? JA: Given the re-engineered design of our PermaLite ® pultruded columns and the very positive feedback we are getting from the builders, we are very optimistic for what is in store for HB&G Building Products in 2019! CM: To what do you attribute your com- pany's success? JA: Quality people and quality products that are responsive to the customer's needs. CM: How do your products or services enhance your customers' ability to com- pete in the marketplace? JA: Products like our newly re-engi- neered PermaLite pultruded columns provide the builders a quality, one-piece seamless column that installs directly over their 4x4 or 6x6 load bearing wood post saving them substantial installation, not to mention the greatly improved aes- thetic appearance! For more information, go to www .hbgcolumns.com, call 800.264.4424, email info@hbgcompanies.com or stop by IBS booth #N555. products, periodic inspection of plants (by an ISO/IEC17020 accredited agency) and periodic review of submitted infor- mation against new or revised standards. What accreditation does ICC-ES have? ICC-ES is accredited as a product certifi- er by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). ICC-ES reports are the most trusted and accepted reports by code officials provid- ing greater acceptance of building prod- ucts. What are the benefits of having an ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR)? Benefits include: key to entering U.S. marketplace for domestic and foreign manufacturers; code officials trust and rely on ICC-ES reports, because they allow them to rapidly approve products with confidence and peace of mind; evi- dence to prove your product complies with code and standards; ICC-ES brand backing the code compliance of the prod- uct; and reduces regulatory barriers and allows new and innovative products to be used in construction projects. What sets ICC-ES apart? The following is what sets us apart: ICC- ES upholds the highest standards for safe- ty and reliability; ICC-ES provides a one- stop shop for the testing, evaluation and listing and of innovative building and plumbing products; the only entity with direct contact with IBC/IRC code devel- ICC (Cont'd. from p. 1) opment staff; ICC-ES is the only evalua- tion service entity who is a part of an enti- ty (International Code Council) who pub- lishes the building code for the nation; highest quality of product review – evalu- ations are conducted by licensed profes- sional engineers in a variety of disciplines (structural, mechanical, civil, fire, etc.); and ICC-ES is the only agency accredited to evaluate products to the requirements of its Acceptance Criteria (AC). About ICC-ES A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the United States' leading evaluation service for innovative build- ing materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), Building Product Listings and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. The ICC-ES Environmental Programs issue VAR environmental reports that verify a prod- uct meets specific sustainability targets defined by today's codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES envi- ronmental criteria. The Environmental Programs now offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to meet global market demand for science-based, transparent, quality-assured information about a product's environmental per- formance. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC). For more information, visit www.icc- es-pmg.org, email espmg@icc-es.org, call 800.423.6587 or stop by KBIS booth #SL4222 and IBS booth #C3022. AVA Byte Smart Indoor Garden AVA Byte is an innovative smart indoor garden that combines technology and nature to bring foolproof gardening right into the kitchen. Designed for tech- lovers, foodies and health-conscious families, the countertop device reduces food packaging, water usage and ensures the freshest of ingredients within arm's reach. AVA uses artificial intelligence and intuitive user experience to give every home cook, busy parent and curious child access to fresh, organic plants and veg- etables like herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. Ready-to-grow, soil-free compostable pods include every- thing needed for a plant to thrive. The pre-seeded plant pods are simply plug and play, and AVA Byte knows when to water, when to give some light and will tell its owner via the smartphone app or through a home hub how the plants are growing. The owner can even ask, "Hey Google, when can I harvest my plants?" For more information, email hello@avagrows.com or visit www.avagrows.com. New from Howard Products: Cutting Board Cleaner Howard Cutting Board Cleaner effective- ly cleans and neutralizes odors, leaving wooden kitchen items smelling great, even on well-used cutting surfaces. Dish soaps aren't specifically designed to clean wooden cutting boards; they are designed to cover a broader array of kitchen items. Some dish soaps can't penetrate wood as deeply as Howard Cutting Board Cleaner will, leaving unreached areas that can harbor harmful bacteria and contaminate your food. Cutting Board Cleaner is specif- ically designed for wooden cutting boards and wooden kitchen items. Howard Cutting Board Cleaner does not contain bleach or any other harsh ingredients which can make wooden boards soft and gummy, reducing the life of the board. With Howard's new Cutting Board Cleaner, now the entire cleaning, oiling and conditioning process can be done from products manufactured by the same company, which gives consumers confidence that all three products will work together perfectly. Minimum wholesale orders are only six cases. For more information, call 800.266.9545 or go to www.howard products.com. Primeware's Drink Purse Holds Three Liters Primeware wine accessories have been around for more than two decades now. As years passed, the company keeps innovating to provide new and exciting products that consumers will love. This Natural Cork Insulated Drink Purse is no exception. It is made from natural, sustainable and eco-friendly material. It is both fashionable and func- tional and features a 3-liter bladder, enough to hold up to four bottles of wine. It has a dispenser with an easy-pour side spout so drinks can be poured without spills. This drink purse is a perfect way to let con- sumers enjoy their favorite drink whenever, wherever. With its party-ready design, it can definitely be used for tailgate, parties, picnics, barbecues, camping, the beach or girls' night out. Who wouldn't love that? A perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, this drink purse will attract both women and men and anyone who loves wine. For more information, call 800.669.5628, email sales@primewareinc.com or go to www.primewareinc.com.

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