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Construction Marketplace 3 1 Thursday, February 21, 2019 Evaluation of Innovative Building Products By William Gould, P.E., Vice President, External Relations and Client Services, ICC Evaluation Service, LLC Evaluation reports from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) are the preferred resource used by code officials to verify that new building products comply with code requirements. The reports provide information about what code require- ments or acceptance criteria were used to evaluate a product, how a product should be installed to meet requirements, how to identify the product and more. ICC-ES is the most recognized and approved evaluation agency. ICC-ES evaluation reports are widely accepted and trusted technical reports across juris- dictions through the U.S. How does the ICC-ES process support product innovation? The ICC-ES process entails develop- ment of Acceptance Criteria (AC) through a transparent process that is open to the public. Comprised of build- ing officials from throughout the U.S., the ICC-ES committee convenes three times annually to review and approve AC proposals. Over many years, ICC-ES has devel- oped and currently maintains hundreds of acceptance criteria for innovative, alter- native products and systems. In developing acceptance criteria, ICC-ES seeks input from interested par- ties including manufacturers, researchers, standards developing organ- izations, engineers and other design pro- fessionals. Structural engineering associ- ations have also been involved in the AC development process, and have volun- teered their expertise to provide technical input. This collaboration with structural engineering associations and other sub- ject matter experts strengthens the process. Acceptance crite- ria can be vetted through an AC process via website postings at www.icc-es.org for cases where the subject of the proposed criteria is nonstructural, does not involve life safety and is addressed in nationally recognized or accepted industry standards. The ICC-ES AC process can provide a quick turn- around for approval or a springboard for review and approval at an ICC-ES com- mittee hearing. Once the AC is reviewed and approved by the committee, the roadmap is set for ICC-ES to issue Evaluation Service Reports (ESRs). The ESR provides building officials with evi- dence under the IBC Section 104.11.1 research reports requirement. Building product manufacturers submit applications with performance test data in the form of qualified test reports conforming to ICC-ES AC85 Acceptance Criteria for Test Reports. Test reports are based on testing done by an IAS or a signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRS) of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) testing laboratories. Accreditation for the spe- cific type of testing required by the applicable test standards and acceptance criteria is essential. Other materials are also submitted by the building product manufacturer. Additionally, parallel evaluations are done for both the techni- cal and manufacturing quality aspects of the submittal. After any issues are resolved, an ESR is issued and pub- lished. Manufacturers can then apply the ICC-ES mark of conformity and ESR number to the evaluated product labels as proof of conformity. For more information, visit www.icc-es- pmg.org, email espmg@icc-es.org or stop by KBIS booth #SL4222 and IBS booth #C3022. Hestan Debuts NanoBond Luxury Cookware Broadening its assortment of premium quality bonded stainless steel cookware featuring patented titanium nano-tech- nology, Hestan ® NanoBond™ introduces a new 5-Piece Set, which includes an 11- inch Open Skillet, a 2-quart Covered Saucepan, and a 3.5-quart Covered Saute and retails for $799.95. Building on its reputation for award- winning excellence in engineering high- end commercial kitchen equipment, pre- mium residential outdoor grills, and smart kitchen products, Hestan reimag- ines the premium cookware category with its NanoBond Cookware. "As visionary culinary profession- als, we examined the industry and worked with the most revered chefs, engineers and scientists to uncover what was missing in culinary cookware," said Stanley Cheng, Founder/Proprietor of Hestan. "By blending innovative technol- ogy with culinary expertise, we were able to create a cookware line unlike anything the industry has ever seen." Introducing modern science to the craftsmanship of stainless steel cook- ware, Hestan NanoBond – which has been awarded 14 global patents – brings game-changing innovation to a cookware category that has not seen significant advances since its introduction more than 100 years ago. Hestan's exclusive and environmentally-friendly, chemical-free technology creates thousands of super- dense nano layers of titanium alloys bonded to stainless steel to create cook- ware that is four times harder than typical stainless steel. As a result, NanoBond is extraordinarily resistant to scratching, staining and salt pitting – all significant benefits that are not characteristic of standard stainless steel collections. Moreover, due to its outstanding resilience, NanoBond – which glows with Titanium Brilliance™, a distinctive pewter-like hue – ensures lasting beauty, even after years of constant use in restau- rants and home kitchens. Developed after years of extensive technological research and input from profes- sional chefs, Hestan NanoBond is meticu- lously handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials. The cook- ware's 18/10 stainless steel interior and induc- tion-suitable stainless steel exterior (which are both enhanced by thousands of nano lay- ers of titanium alloys) are permanently bonded to a pure aluminum core. Due to the uncompromising purity of the alu- minum core, NanoBond is 35 percent more heat conductive compared to other aluminum-clad cookware, ensuring that pans heat up with Ferrari-like speed and that heat is distributed evenly from the base to the rim to prevent hotspots that can mar cooking results. Additional key features of NanoBond that raise the bar on culinary excellence include: skillets with 20 per- cent increased cooking surface; flush riv- ets inside and out for easy cleaning and nesting; sealed rims to enhance durabili- ty; flared rim design for easy pouring; metal utensil and dishwasher safe; ergonomically designed French-style stainless steel han- dles with optimum dimensions to ensure an exceedingly com- fortable and secure grip; and superior high heat tolerance of up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. Hestan NanoBond Cookware is also significantly lighter in weight compared to other pre- mium clad cookware collec- tions for better control and easier maneu- verability. Perfect for use on all cooktops, and oven and broiler-safe, NanoBond's luxurious all-metal styling enhances all kitchen decors and makes every pot and pan suitable for table presentation. Hestan NanoBond is offered in a comprehensive assortment of open stock items and a 10-Piece Set. The 10-Piece Set, which retails for $1,499.95, includes: 1.5-quart Covered Saucepan, 3-quart Covered Saucepan, 8- quart Covered Stockpot, 3.5-quart Covered Saute with Helper Handle, 8.5- inch Open Skillet and 11-inch Open Skillet. For more information, visit www.hestan.com. CraftKitchen Adds Flatware and Dinnerware Categories Robinson Home Products is proud to announce the addition of flatware and dinnerware categories to its popular CraftKitchen™ brand of housewares. Drawing inspiration from current craft food and beverage trends, the CraftKitchen line focuses on exceptional styling and high-quality materials that blend classic elements with the modern look that today's consumers desire. CraftKitchen is designed to specifi- cally engage the Millennial foodie. The addition of flatware and dinnerware was a natural extension to the brand's original launch of core tools, gadgets, cutlery and cookware items. Target con- sumers, specifically Millennials, will be attracted to the new flatware's sleek and casual look, yet substantial hand feel, and the stylish dinnerware's understat- ed, casual elegance. Consumers will also appreciate the thoughtful features of the dinnerware line. The new dinner bowl was created as an alternative to a dinner plate and can be used for increasingly popular one-bowl meals such as burrito, poke, and noodle bowls. The slate cheese board is con- structed of two pieces, the porcelain plate and a removal slate insert. It is recommended that when using the plate for cheese service, allow the removal slate insert to chill in the fridge or freezer before service. This will ensure the cheese stays cooler for longer. "CraftKitchen was designed with discerning consumers in mind that want to bring the trending craft food and craft beverage restaurant experience home for their personal entertaining," said Barbara Alonge, Business Director – Tabletop, Robinson Home Products. "We realize that consumers want stylish and modern products that have roots in tradition. With that focus always in mind, we have incor- porated elements in our new flatware and dinnerware lines that are trendy and new, yet familiar and timeless. Consumers will love the possibilities that our new CraftKitchen lines provide." CraftKitchen includes a thoughtful launch of important retail ready tools. "A key focus of CraftKitchen's expansion is providing our customers with packaging and merchandising solutions that they can easily incorporate into their plans," said Alonge. "All pieces are beautifully packaged in the CraftKitchen's full-color packaging, which features popular mod- ern design elements like its signature white brick and reclaimed wood. Customers will also love the variety of configurations offered for key, high vol- ume sellers. For example, the flatware pieces are sold in sets, carded, and in open stock options." In addition to the launch of flatware and dinnerware, CraftKitchen will also debut an accompanying website in the coming weeks that guides consumers through the CraftKitchen experience. The website will prominently feature the "Celebrated Chefs of CraftKitchen" pro- gram which showcases unique, craft- style recipes from chefs across the coun- try. In tandem with the CraftKitchen Instagram page, consumers will get the opportunity to see the CraftKitchen products in action and gather recipes that they can create in their own kitchens. With social media more important than ever, these online showrooms are intend- ed to provide consumers with opportuni- ties to gain knowledge of the products and give important feedback to CraftKitchen.

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