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Construction Marketplace 2 3 Thursday, February 21, 2019 Boral Roofing Takes Center Stage at IBS 2019 Boral Roofing is taking on the International Builder's Show this year. A regular exhibitor at the annual event, Boral Roofing has planned something special this time around. Following the recent high-profile additions of both stone coated steel and composite roof- ing systems to the family of Boral Roofing solutions, the company is showcasing all four of its high-perfor- mance lines – clay, concrete, steel and composite – at the country's annual mecca for builders. Some of the highlights of this year's Boral Roofing exhibit include: heat dis- plays that demonstrate the superb energy- efficient performance of steel versus asphalt roofing; a newer collection of concrete roofing whose hues and profiles are inspired by the beauty of California and complement three emerging architec- tural home styles within the state; and premium clay tiles as well as Inspire by Boral composite roofing materials. Attendees will be able to try out the all- new Design-a-Blend digital app. This uniquely useful online tool allows cus- tomers to create a custom blend roof deck with either clay or Inspire composite roofing options. Once a custom blend roof deck is created within the app, it can be shared, saved and utilized as a tool in the actual selection of a new or retrofit roof. Boral Roofing is also featuring its famous Cool Roof System, as well as roof components such as Boral's all new MetalSeal, a self-adhering underlayment and waterproofing material that works well under metal roofing. Boral's MetalSeal is installed on the IBS exclu- sive New American Home. Located just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, the New American Home show- cases the latest technological advances in housing. The 9,028-square-foot show home is designed and constructed by Sun West Custom Homes, incorporates a wide variety of contemporary-modern design elements and is characterized by minimal decoration, abundant glass and flat rooflines. No matter what material, all Boral Roofing solutions are known for their durability, resiliency, energy efficiency and enhanced curb appeal. With numer- ous material options, colors and profiles available, Boral serves both the new con- struction and retrofit marketplaces, pro- tecting homes and commer- cial facilities and structures with ease. Boral Roofing is a sub- sidiary of Boral USA and is the country's largest premi- um provider of complete roofing and reroofing solu- tions for architects as well as commercial and residential builders. Boral Roofing operates manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, giving peace of mind to those in search of products made in America. For additional information on Boral Roofing or to explore its full suite of clay, concrete, stone coated steel and composite roofing solutions, visit www.boralroof.com. For more information, stop by IBS booth #C4519. To visit the New American Home, visit www.buildersshow.com and look for shuttle departure schedules under Events and Home Tours. Company Growth That Benefits You Elias Woodwork has seen an unpreceded growth of 60 percent increase in produc- tion over the last two years due in part to increased demand in the industry, its aggressive marketing and pricing strate- gies with quality product offerings. This growth has preempted some significant changes within the company to accom- modate increased demand and conven- ience for its customers. The most signifi- cant and notable improvement for its cus- tomers is the introduction of the new AccessNow online ordering system, offi- cially launched in December of 2018. This unique online ordering portal allows customers to log in anytime from any- where and get customized quotes, place orders, view invoices and track ship- ments. AccessNow offers customers a live portal into their Elias Woodwork account with insider access to products and services, which will save them a sig- nificant amount of time. They no longer have to wait for pricing on most products and can submit quotes for homeowners at a moment's notice. They can manage their accounts online and place orders outside business hours. Combined with Elias Woodwork's competitive pricing and vast product selection, this tool pro- vides industry professionals with a sig- nificant competitive advantage in their marketplace. Increased production also created a need to expand facilities in various areas from a total of 285,000 square feet to 360,000 square feet. It is important to Elias Woodwork that it can provide cus- tom products in a timely manner. This meant increasing shipping and ware- house facilities to ensure orders are pack- aged accurately and efficiently with proper inspection. Two of the facilities have expanded these areas by 50 percent, which includes a new truck shop. This additional space has helped to accommo- date more inventory and improved organ- ization for increased shipping efficiency procedures. This, com- bined with efforts to improve production process and awareness programs, has enabled Elias Woodwork to decrease warranty issues by 50 percent in the last year alone. Considering its signifi- cant growth with new staff and increased production, Elias Woodwork is particularly proud of this accomplishment, which proves the bene- fits of its well thought-out processes. Another big change to its facilities includes moving the production of its Thermofoil components to one of the larger expanded plants, giving 50 percent more production space for additional equipment and staff. Benefits of this expansion for customers include increased capacity and reduced lead times. With Thermofoil showing a signif- icant growth in popularity, this will help Elias Woodwork keep up with the demand. Staying on top of industry trends is important for Elias Woodwork, which also recently expanded its Thermofoil color offerings and door styles for additional benefits to its customers' design toolbox. Other prod- ucts lines that have seen increased capacity are mold- ings and its AOS Elite custom cabinet boxes. Elias Woodwork has become an industry-leading manufacturer that strives to create solutions for your cabi- netry components needs and provides you with advantages of quality products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. Keep your eyes open for future develop- ments that include a newly developed website with comprehensive product details. Call today and get your next proj- ect quoted. Learn more at KBIS booth #SL3269. After the show, call 800.665.0623, email sales@eliaswoodwork.com or visit www.eliaswoodwork.com. Millennials: Modern Cooking in the Home By Amanda Helt Millennials are equipping their kitchens with the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, and with Millennials standing at $200 dollars in buying power, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Lori Colman, co-Chief Executive Officer of CBD Marketing, says companies are wise to keep a close eye on these young adults to track the major trends that shape the way we cook our food as a society as we enter the new year. "Millennials share their opinions and buying habits online via social media platforms and on other sites. Businesses and brands that mine this treasure trove of online data will be the ones that mar- ket their products successfully," says Colman, who for the last two years has conducted research on the food industry by collecting data from Millennials' social media profiles. Susan Turgeson, who teaches Family and Consumer Science at the University of Wisconsin and also manages her own cooking classes, tracks the habits of Millennials to help her teach them to cook. As someone who's taught for over a decade, Turgeson says her college stu- dents are cooking differently than previ- ous generations. "It's little surprise," Turgeson says, that "Millennials care about the food they eat," pointing out that as Millennials have families, and as they become responsible for their children's health, nutritious foods are becoming more of a priority than before. "A lot of younger people are starting to realize the benefit of feeding their families fresh produce and clean foods," she said. From organic fruits and vegetables to grass-fed beef, Turgeson says that healthy food makes Millennials happy, but it's no longer about just food that's healthy for their bodies; Millennials also want their food to be good for the envi- ronment, and they expect the companies they buy from to be transparent about how they make and sell their products. "They care about the environment and want to help make Earth a better place," says Turgeson. They're also starting to cook more at home: Millennials are actually starting to prefer to cook at home from scratch by using more basic ingredients and using more fruits and vegetables and less pre- made ingredients. Turgeson says Millennials are going back to their roots to a time when people ate out less and cooked more. In a recent survey, The NPD Group, a market research company found that, on average, Millennials cook about 4.9 times per week. A study by Mintel, also a market research company, showed that the number of cooking enthusiasts in the U.S. rose each year from 2014 to 2017, and that in 2017, 80 percent of Millennials cooked from scratch which is up from 60 percent who cooked from scratch in 2015. "[Millennials] are going back to their roots," says Turgeson. "We've gone back to how it was with my grandparents, to a time when people prepared meals in their kitchen. We've kind of gone back to making everything from scratch." But, call it a caveat to their interest in cooking, Millennials want to make food at home faster. Turgeson says while there is a big belief that convenience foods are one of the only ways to eat quickly; people overestimate the time it takes to cook homemade meals. "People are busy, and they want meals that are fast to make. I find that my students always love comfort foods, and you know, things like macaroni and cheese. While it's easy to grab a box Kraft maca- roni from the grocery store, it actually takes about as much time to cook maca- roni and cheese homemade, and my stu- dents don't realize that. Cooking from home can be pretty time efficient if you know how to do it." Many of them are looking to meal kits as a way to speed up their meal preparations. In a 2016 survey by Allrecipes, a food focused online social networking service, the company found that, "Food tech companies are provid- ing services that make shopping for the kitchen ultra-convenient... ...more than 85 U.S. companies offer either meal kits, meal delivery, food e-commerce, online grocery shopping or online ordering."

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