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Construction Marketplace Thursday, February 21, 2019 1 8 Lowe's Delivers Streamlined Solutions Innovation is a key initiative for Lowe's. From everyday improvements to radical disruption, the company understands the importance of playing across the innova- tion spectrum to constantly find better ways to connect with customers. Across its enterprise, the company has been engaging in a comprehensive focus to prioritize resources, invest in key capa- bilities and grow the business to meet customer expectations. As the pace of change quickens inside the industry, it is evolving to deliver at higher levels for its customers. As a result, it will continue to implement strategies for more seamless experiences, increase innovation efforts to create better solutions through collab- orative efforts and bring higher levels of value for its NAHB members through more Omni-Channel connection points. As we move into 2019, one of the compa- ny's main focuses remains on strategic partnership opportunities with NAHB members. Through its value proposition as an NAHB Affinity Partner, it has designed a program to save NAHB members twice through purchase and invoice statement discounts and many other member bene- fits. Lowe's is here to deliver streamlined solutions for purchasing, order consisten- cy, flexible fulfillment options, inventory manage- ment and invoicing along with over 1,700 locations and 290,000 employees dedicated to serve you. From daily pur- chases to planned projects, Lowe's has the products, savings and support you need. Have confidence it will be there when you need it most! For more information, visit IBS booth #C4107 and www.lowesforpros.com/nahb. SubSeal Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane Manufactured by MFM Building Products, an ESOP company, SubSeal™ is an advanced 40 or 60mil, self-adhering waterproofing membrane that is engi- neered to be a multi-purpose sheet suitable for vertical and horizontal applications. These membranes are designed for extreme moisture protection and aggres- sively bond to poured concrete and other building materials. SubSeal eliminates the movement of water under the membrane. SubSeal also can be used for both above and below grade applications. It is specifically designed for use on features such as through-wall flashings, windows, sills, pot shelves, parapet walls and many other applications. It is composed of a tough multi-layer, high-strength polymer film that is coated with a layer of special- ly formulated rubberized asphalt adhe- sive for maximum protection. Multi-purpose waterproofing protec- tion includes: horizontal or vertical appli- cations; under stucco or masonry; flash- ing around windows and doors; through- wall flashings; foundation walls; plaza decks and balconies; sills, pot shelves, parapet walls; and parking garages. This advanced system aggressively bonds to the substrate and will seal around fasteners to prevent damage caused by water penetration. Benefits include: ver- satile application range; aggressive bond- ing characteristics; extreme moisture protection; rugged and reliable; self-seals around fasteners; easy to handle and install; and 10-year warranty. Product Approvals SubSeal is tested to ASTM D 1970, com- plies with ICC-ES AC148, Report ICC-ES ESR-2783 and ICC-ES AC38, Report ICC-ES ESR-3980 and meets AAMA 711 standards as a window flashing membrane. SubSeal Guide Specifications and Information SubSeal 3-part guide specifications, tech- nical data and installation instructions are posted at www.mfmbp.com. Stop by IBS booth #C6848 for free samples of SubSeal. For more information, call 740.622.2645, go to www.mfmbp.com, email info@mfmbp.com or stop by IBS booth #C6848. Schönox DSP and DSP Plus: Industrial Strength Meets Industrial Chic Many flooring professionals are staining, polishing and sealing this innovative floor-leveling compound with appealing, fashion-forward results. Schönox DSP and DSP Plus are designed for a variety of applications from retail environments, restaurants, public buildings, entryways and offices, to warehouse or manufacturing areas with moderate industrial loads. Different aggregates can be mixed with DSP and DSP Plus to create a custom appearance that complements any project's design. DSP and DSP Plus can also be used to renovate subfloors, making renovation projects faster with surfaces ready for foot traffic in less than three hours. Schönox DSP and DSP Plus are wear-rated, pumpable, cement-based self-leveling compounds. The extreme moisture resistance of these products allows the option for use in interior and exterior areas. These polishable, self-lev- eling compounds are suitable on sub- strates, including concrete, cement and gypsum and can easily cover ceramic tiles and water-resistant adhesives. DSP can be installed above 1⁄4-inch up to 2 inches, while DSP Plus can be installed above 3/8-inch up to 2 inches. DSP and DSP Plus deliver an incredible compressive strength of 7,250psi, allowing the floor to withstand tough traffic while pro- viding a sleek, modern appearance. Both of these Schönox products are UL classified, will contribute to credits on your LEED project and have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) that communicates transparent informa- tion about the life-cycle envi- ronmental impact of a Schönox product. HPS North America, Inc. is the exclusive provider of a full line of Schönox products for the North American mar- ketplace, charged with intro- ducing the products, manag- ing distribution and providing wide-ranging technical sup- port in the field. For more information, visit IBS booth #SU853. Get more information by visit- ing www.hpsubfloors.com or by contact- ing Schönox, HPS North America Inc. at 855.391.2649 or info@hpsubfloors.com. Aida Focused on Customer Success Aida Corporation is a U.S.-based manu- facturer of electrical wiring devices, light fixtures, plumbing supplies, hardware and tools to the North and Central America market. Aida Corporation oper- ates on its promises of superior quality, innovation, competitive pricing and on- time delivery. It has strategic relation- ships with the oversea OEM manufactur- ers and through collaborative engineer- ing and design effort, is accelerating growth and development as a manufac- turer. Aida's products ride on the 30-plus year experience of its strategic partners supplying U.S. and global markets. It began operations with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, and its first distri- bution warehouse. Aida shares the same product design and manufacturing knowledge and skills with other well-estab- lished brands in U.S. through OEM manufac- turing. Aida's products are manufactured with precision engineering and quality control that meet all relevant U.S. and interna- tional standards. Aida focuses on providing cus- tomers with the electrical, lighting, plumbing, hardware and tool products they want and when they need them. Aida is committed to building its reputable brand with what it does best – manufac- ture quality products, support and protect its customer with business relationships, supply customers with extensive invento- ry and to provide them with friendly service and powerful solutions. For more information, stop by IBS booth #SU836 or go to www.aidacorp.com. Verona Appliances Introduces the Prestige Collection Verona Appliances, crafted in Italy but made for the U.S. market, introduces the Prestige collection to its award- winning line of ranges. The new dual fuel and all-gas ranges combine all the features that customers have grown to love with an upgraded look that is only surpassed by its high-powered capabil- ities. The collection is available in a highly sought after 36-inch option that adds professional performance to any space. Aesthetic upgrades include new con- tinuous grates, beveled doors, rounded handles, spindle legs and an upgraded knob design. The 36-inch range is offered in stainless steel, true white, matte black and burgundy colors with both single and a unique double oven configuration for a more personalized array of choices that accommodate virtually any kitchen design. "Verona Appliances is dedicated to creating quality products that fit the func- tional and design-centric needs of the modern homeowner," said Melissa Haber, Vice President, EuroChef USA. "The Prestige series combines all of the most praised functions of our previous lines of ranges with beautiful new upgrades that bring even more power and style into the kitchen." In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, the Prestige features five semi-sealed gas burners, electronic ignition, flame failure safety device and an easy-to-clean porce- lain oven cavity. The dual fuel options are equipped with multi-function European convections ovens that provide seven cooking modes and the gas options feature a pro-style infrared broiler. The entire collection features porcelainized cast-iron burner grates and caps as well as high BTU burners that can simmer down to 700 BTUs for more delicate dishes.

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