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Construction Marketplace 3 1 Wednesday, February 20, 2019 A Deep Dive into Conformity Assessment By William Gould, P.E., Vice President, External Relations and Client Services, ICC Evaluation Service, LLC By definition, innovative means, "tend- ing to innovate or introduce something new or different." Within the context of Section 104.11 alternative materials, design and methods of construction and equipment provides a mechanism for how building officials can approve innovative, new or alternative building materials, design and methods of con- struction that are not fully addressed in the code. Alternatives to what is listed in the International Building Code (IBC) are acceptable as long as the quality, the strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety are proven equiva- lent. This code provision has stood the test of time and provided a pathway to building code approval for countless new and innovative building materials through the conformity assessment process. The framework for evaluating building material products for compli- ance with codes and standards is regu- lated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC) 17065. Conformity assessment is a means to protect the public and boost consumer confidence that products have met accepted industry standards. It helps building officials ensure life safety and that environmental requirements of the code are met. For building material manufacturers, it provides a means for significant differentiation from competi- tors with independent proof of a better, more effective product. Three key ele- ments of conformity assessment include testing, certification and inspection. Building material products are common- ly tested through accredited testing lab- oratories such as those accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), in order to establish compliance and confirm performance characteristics as required in ASTM test stan- dards and accept- ance criteria. Certification is carried out by an independent party that issues a cer- tificate stating a product meets required codes and stan- dards. This is third party conformity assessment. All three aspects of con- formity assessment are necessary in order to ensure the safety, reliability and effectiveness of building material prod- ucts used in today's complex structures. ICC-Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) is a non-profit subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC), the organization that writes the IBC, the IRC, International Residential Code (IRC) and many other model codes. ICC-ES has engaged in the process of evaluating innovative building products for compli- ance with the codes for decades. ICC-ES is the only conformity assessment body accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ISO 17065 as having the capability of con- ducting product evaluation to ICC-ES acceptance criteria, and fully complies with IBC Section 1703. ANSI accredita- tion is not the sole determining factor for compliance with Section 1703. Approved agen- cies must be independent, equipped and thoroughly staffed with experience personnel. To be approved by a building offi- cial, agencies must demonstrate their objectivity by disclosing potential con- flicts of interest. They must also have educated and trained personnel experi- enced in conducting and supervising product evaluations. ICC-ES is the most recognized and approved evaluation agency. Evaluation reports developed by ICC-ES technical staff are widely accepted and trusted technical reports across jurisdictions through the U.S. For more information, visit www.icc-es- pmg.org, email espmg@icc-es.org or stop by KBIS booth #SL4222 and IBS booth #C3022. The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group Address IoT Industry Fragmentation The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group announced the availability of the Dotdot specification over Thread's IP network. This is the first time developers can con- fidently use an established, open and interoperable IoT language over a low- power wireless IP network, which will help unify the fragmented connected device industry and unlock new markets. "We're at an exciting point in the Smart Home where the broader con- sumer market is embracing mainstream connected products; 26 percent of con- sumers own a smart home device accord- ing to our new research," said Tom Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy at Parks Associates. "To be competitive in a mar- ket where consumers will rely on these devices for years to come, companies must take a long-term view, aligning with technologies that will enable innovation and interoperability, and continue to deliver on the promise of the IoT for every stakeholder." Dotdot is the Zigbee Alliance's uni- versal language for the IoT, making it pos- sible for smart objects to work together on any network. Thread is the Thread Group's open, IPv6-based, low-power, secure and future-proof mesh networking technology for IoT products. These two leading organizations have come together to deliver a mature, scalable solution for IoT interoperability that isn't confined to single-vendor ecosystems or technologies. Delivering on the Promise of the IoT The early internet faced the same chal- lenges as today's IoT. Currently, connect- ed devices can struggle to deliver a seam- less experience because they speak dif- ferent languages (or in technical terms, use different "application layers"). For the internet, the industry solved this problem with open, universal protocols over IP – a combination that unlocked and accelerated innovation. Dotdot's common device language over Thread's IP network extends this same proven approach to the Internet of Things. With Dotdot over Thread, product and plat- form vendors can ensure the high-quality, interoperable user experiences needed to drive growth, while IP allows vendors to maintain a direct connection to their device – and their customers. Simplified Product Development with Mature Technologies and Diverse Supply Chains It's important to note that Dotdot over Thread is not another new standard. Dotdot enables the open, mature and already widely adopted application layer at the heart of Zigbee to work across Thread's IP network – the same network technology fundamental to the internet. For product managers, new standards rep- resent risk. Dotdot and Thread are backed by global, industry-leading companies and represent two of the most robust, widely deployed and well-supported con- nectivity and interoperability technolo- gies, driving billions of products and net- works already in homes and offices. "Zigbee and Dotdot are the product of 15 years of innovation by our mem- bers, and the experience that comes from over a decade of building successful products," said Tobin Richardson, Zigbee Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer. "This maturity is why major tech- nology leaders have chosen Zigbee, and Dotdot over Thread now brings that value to new markets. This marks the first of many partnerships to come as we extend our application layer across additional networks to accelerate time to market and unify the IoT for all stakeholders." "The Thread Group's vision is to extend IP – the powerful foundation of the internet – to low-power IoT devices," said Grant Erickson, President of the Thread Group. "Just like the internet, this vision also requires the industry to put forth open, common protocols so devices from any vendor can work together. Dotdot gives Thread adopters an impor- tant option for that open, end-to-end con- nectivity and interoperability." How to Start Working with Dotdot over Thread The Dotdot specification is available today to Zigbee Alliance members. Additional resources, including the Dotdot Commissioning Application, will be available in Summer 2018, along with the opening of the Dotdot Certification program from the Zigbee Alliance. Thread launched its 1.1 speci- fication and opened its certification program in February 2017. The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group now share a number of common authorized test service providers, and are working with them to ensure an efficient, seamless certification process for Dotdot over Thread adopters. About the Zigbee Alliance The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, its wide-ranging global member- ship collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work and play. With members' deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs and a full suite of open IoT solutions, it is leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative and useful world. The Zigbee Alliance is supported by board members from Comcast, Huawei, Itron, The Kroger Co., Landis+Gyr, LEEDARSON, Legrand Group, Midea, NXP ® Semiconductors, Philips Lighting, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, SmartThings, Somfy Group, Texas Instruments and Wulian. About the Thread Group The non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the founda- tion for the internet of things in the home and beyond by educating product developers, builders and consumers on the unique features and benefits of Thread and ensuring a positive experi- ence through rigorous, meaningful product certification. Thread is backed by industry-leading companies includ- ing Arm, Johnson Controls, Nest Labs, NXP ® Semiconductors, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, Somfy, and Yale Security. Since opening its membership in October 2014, companies from around the world and across all aspects of the expansive and connected technology sector have joined the Thread Group to create the very best way to connect and control devices. Tri-Ply Egg Poacher with Nonstick Cups Excelsteel's Luxury 4 Cup Copper Impact Base Egg Poacher elevates the cooking experience, offering the home cook the ability to serve and present delicious and nutritious breakfast and brunch creations to friends and family. Eggs are profes- sionally poached to create share-wor- thy dishes. Excelsteel's Luxury 4 Cup Tri-ply Copper Egg Poacher is a premier choice for those looking to experience the ben- efits of copperware cooking. Three lay- ers comprised of copper, aluminum and stainless steel deliver an improved cooking performance, even heat distri- bution and improved heat retention that is induction cook-top ready. The pot without the egg yolk tray can also be used as a second fry pan to get more done in the kitchen. It's designed with rust resistant copper and stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting use. Use a mild abrasive or polisher to keep the copper looking polished for a longer life. All parts included are dish- washer safe. For more information, call 951.686.8282 or visit www.excelsteelworks.com.

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