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Construction Marketplace 2 3 Wednesday, February 20, 2019 FutureFlash – The Perfect Waterproofing System Manufactured in the USA by MFM Building Products, the FutureFlash ® Waterproofing System provides new technology to battle against moisture damage around windows and doors. This combination of a tough, mechanically- attached flexible FutureFlash Waterproofing Membrane and high-per- formance FutureFlash Sealant is the key to a new level of application efficiency and protection. Recommended installa- tion is the patented Moisture Diversion Method™, which significantly reduces installation time. FutureFlash is a prefabricated water- proofing membrane designed for use around windows, doors, under stucco and other exterior wall systems. It is com- posed of two high-performance films with a core of specially formulated rub- berized asphalt. It is tough, self-sealing and flexible with great tear strength and UV stability. FutureFlash is available in both 25mil and 40mil thickness. FutureFlash Sealant is a high quality polyurethane caulk that adheres to wood, vinyl and metal windows. It delivers superior attachment characteristics across a wider temperature range than other competitive products. MFM offers a 10- year warranty when FutureFlash is used in conjunction with FutureFlash Sealant. Count on the FutureFlash Waterproofing System for the following: protects against leaks and interior wall damage; unique "weep" characteristics allow structure to breathe; discourages the formation of toxic mold; ideal for stucco structures or any traditional siding materials; mechani- cally attached for fast and easy instal- lation; and self-seals around fasteners for complete waterproofing protection. When installed using the patented Moisture Diversion Method ® , the system seals effectively, yet will not trap or pro- mote moisture buildup inside the wall cav- ity. This helps eliminate the occurrence of wood rot, warping and particularly the growth of potentially toxic molds. It is used for: window and door flashing; prevents leaks at facia board/wall terminations; effectively sep- arates dissimilar metals to prevent corro- sion; waterproof beams and posts; and for prelining of all metal transitions. Product Approvals FutureFlash meets the requirements of Uniform Building Code Section #1 707(b). It is tested to AC148 and ICC- ES ESR 2783 report. Moisture Diversion Method is protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,163,150. FutureFlash Guide Specifications and Information FutureFlash 3-part guide specifications, technical data and installation instruc- tions are posted at www.mfmbp.com. Information about the Moisture Diversion Method can be found at www.mdmflashing.com. Stop by IBS booth #C6848 for free samples of FutureFlash. For more information, call 740.622.2645, go to www.mfmbp.com, email info@mfmbp.com or stop by IBS booth #C6848. Prepare for Aging-in-Place Demand with NARI Certification By Dan Taddei, MS Ed. BCA, Director of Education and Certification, National Association of the Remodeling Industry The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recognized the growing need to provide specific edu- cation and training focused on accessibil- ity and universal design. The Universal Design Certified Professional certifica- tion provides education and practical training for designers, contractors and remodelers. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there were 40.3 million people 65 years and older, which was an increase of 5.3 million since the previous census in 2010. Approximately one in three Americans are over the age of 65 and many are opting to "age-in-place" rather than downsizing, moving to assisted liv- ing or a nursing home. This presents a large opportunity for contractors and remodelers. As people age, their mobility can diminish either a little or a lot. An existing home can be remodeled with accessibility in mind to ensure safety and ease of use. But acces- sibility isn't just for the over 65 set. When universal design practices are done well, they are nearly invisible. Product manufacturers make products that are func- tional and beautiful. Gone are the days of the institutional-looking grab bar and now they can be incorporated into the overall aesthetic of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. NARI's UDCP Program addresses the key concepts of Universal Design as applied to residential remodeling: con- ducting client needs assessments; univer- sal design applications used in residential remodeling; construction techniques used to implement universal design to a remodeling project; and plumbing and electrical systems unique to universal design differences between model build- ing codes and ones described in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By 2030, the U.S. Census anticipates one in five Americans will be over the age of 65. Position yourself as an indispensable resource to your clients with universal design project needs and provide options they may not even know exist. The process to earning a certification in Universal Design includes applying, par- ticipating in a study group and taking the exam. Build additional skills that will help you be a better remodeler. For more information, visit www.nari.org, email info@nari.org or stop by IBS booth #N1173. ATC's Uncompromised Loudspeakers for the Home ATC Loudspeakers of Britain announced the re-launch of its consumer HiFi Series loudspeakers for the home in 2017. ATC's HiFi Series was created to provide the music enthusiast with a range of high performance loudspeakers that incorpo- rates features found in ATC's profession- al products to enjoy in their own homes – delivering "The Studio Experience at Home." ATC recently introduced its new on-wall HTS Home Theater Series per- fect for every home. ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, formed in 1974 and is the renowned manufacturer of handcrafted precision loudspeakers that can be found in the most prominent music and film mastering studios worldwide. The com- pany is the preferred listening choice of recording artists. Dolby Laboratories, Inc.'s new San Francisco headquarters facilities recently opened and are outfitted with ATCs throughout the complex. Within the sales pitch, HiFi Series resellers will be able to share ATC's client list of record labels and artists using ATC, such as Pink Floyd, Adele 25, Sting, Diane Krall, Coldplay and The Rolling Stones, to name a few, and many more. Lone Mountain Audio is the exclu- sive U.S. distributor for ATC Loudspeakers. Lone Mountain Audio's President Brad Lunde states, "ATC Loudspeakers' HiFi Series is a product that must be auditioned and experienced to be appreciated. Every person that sits down and spends any amount of time listening tells us how differ- ent ATCs are. ATCs are designed inside out and built top to bottom in the U.K. facility. ATC Loudspeakers delivers a sound that enables the lis- tener to hear details and nuance never heard before." About Lone Mountain Audio/ATC U.S. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lone Mountain Audio is the exclusive U.S. distributor for ATC Loudspeakers for the HiFi and CI (custom integration) market- places providing sales, marketing, cus- tomer service and full support for all ATC products. Lone Mountain Audio works with Rutherford Audio as its residential HiFi sales partner for the U.S. About ATC ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, stands alone, hand building one speaker at a time for one person, while the rest of the industry focuses on building thousands of units to supply megastores. ATC is still owned by Founder Billy Woodman, who comes to work every day to keep inventing new drivers, new speakers and new technologies. Once you hear ATC music reproduction done right, you'll understand why Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Diana Krall, Tom Petty, Jack White, Blackbird Studios, Alan Myerson, Shawn Murphy and so many more recording artists have chosen ATCs for decades. For more information, visit www.lonemountainaudio.com and www.atcloudspeakers.co.uk. Perfect Crust Pie Mat Nothing beats a homemade pie crust! It may be easier to use a frozen pie shell or store-bought boxed crust, but it won't have that flaky goodness that only a homemade pie crust can have. Making your own crust may seem difficult and time consuming, but the Perfect Crust™ Pie Mat makes it easy as, well, pie! The Perfect Crust Pie Mat is the first and only pastry mat with a built-in thick- ness guide for perfect, even crusts. The raised edge trims the crust as the home baker rolls out the perfect circle of dough for the pie. Built-in thickness guide and edge trimmer help produce the perfect pie crust every time! The Perfect Crust Pie Mat makes it simple to transfer the pie dough to the pan without tear- ing (or swearing). The pie pan is just inverted over the rolled circle of dough, and the Pie Mat is lifted to flip dough and pan together. The Perfect Crust Pie Mat has a bead-blasted, non-stick surface that lets the dough drop easily into the pan. The Perfect Crust Pie Mat is made from premium plat- inum-cured silicone. It's dish- washer safe and easy to clean. The Perfect Crust Pie Mat rolls and folds for easy storage. For more information, go to www.jaz innovations.com.

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