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Construction Marketplace Wednesday, February 20, 2019 1 8 Impacto Provides Personal Ergonomic Protection As a leader in the personal protective product industry, Impacto ® Protective Products provides customers with inno- vative products that enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Its net- work of sales staff works closely with customers across a wide range of indus- tries to produce measurable results. Impacto Protective Products has long been recognized for products that protect against workplace injuries by assuring exceptional levels of protection. It specializes in the design, manufactur- ing and distribution of custom ergonomic products to help prevent a wide range of cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries. While its initial flagship products were anti-vibration and anti-impact gloves, the company quickly expanded into having a full range of personal pro- tective products. It continues to seek out new and innovative products and tech- nology to expand and enhance its product line. Over the past few years, Impacto has seen tremendous growth in its line of foot and shoe accessories, and it is very excited about the success of its Turbo Toes, and most recently, its Toes2Go product. Impacto expects this market segment to continue to grow and is confident that these products will continue to top its top product lists. Impacto products are distributed around the world and are used in many job applications including manufactur- ing, warehousing, assembly lines, indus- trial applications, construction, mining industry, forestry, office settings and many more. With over 25 years in the industry, Impacto is highly regarded as a pre- mium, Canadian manufac- turer of ergonomic and safety products. It prides itself on its attention to detail, superior product quality and customer service. It is com- mitted to customer satisfaction, continual improvement of its products, expanding markets by developing specialized per- sonal protective equipment and compli- ance with ISO 9001:2008 quality system. For more information, visit www.impacto.ca or stop by IBS booth #N669. Atlantic Builders Turns Warranty Service into Competitive Advantage For many in the industry, warranty and service request management are seen as a liability. But with the right tools and practices in place, you can streamline those service requests, spend less time and money and, ultimately, generate an exceptional customer experience that produces life-long customers and refer- rals. When warranty service is viewed as an opportunity to expand business oppor- tunities (rather than as a sunk cost) each interaction takes on value of its own. And there's no understating the value of a delighted customer who had their war- ranty claim handled quickly and effi- ciently. That's why having the right tools is crucial. Atlantic Builders in Fredericksburg, Virginia knew this when its growing business (and warranty portfolio) became increasingly difficult to manage. Chris Reynolds, Vice President of Construction, described the difficulties. "There was a bit of disorganization, as well as being able to track outstanding service requests and the time it took to resolve them." After extensive research, Atlantic Builders landed on Punchlist Manager™, an online and mobile set of solutions that tracks all warranty requests, tracks quali- ty and service times and facilitates clear communication between customers and v e n d o r s alike. Using Punchlist Manager, Atlantic Builders is able to manage open, closed and pending requests and service work orders in real time, and use a collaborative schedule to know where field technicians and trade partners are scheduled for inspection and repair. Plus, it makes it easy for the com- pany to track the quality of work from original tradespeople. Importantly, Punchlist Manager gives buyers better visibility into war- ranty coverage, helping to reduce bad warranty requests and enabling build- ing pros to focus efforts on valid claims. Ultimately, Atlantic Builders was able to streamline warranty and service management to produce higher quality work and less rework, resulting in signif- icant cost savings and improved cus- tomer satisfaction. Now, five years later, the benefits of using Punchlist Manager are clear. "The customer experience is our primary focus, and Punchlist Manager has absolutely had a positive effect," said Reynolds. "We've roughly doubled our referral rate since switching over. And in this saturated market, it's one way we've been able to truly stand out and keep growing." See how Punchlist Manager can help you not only reduce the costs of servicing your warranties, but also delight your customers. For more information or to request a free demonstration, go to www.punchlist manager.net/ibs2019 or visit IBS booth #SU1416. New Aquanot Fit 508 Equipped with Z Control Battery back-up systems are sometimes forgotten, but they are an important com- ponent in keeping your basement dry. A primary sump pump plus a battery back- up provides the benefit of preventing water from flooding the basement and damaging carpet, drywall and other belongings. When building a home, remodeling or replacing a pump, the flood prevention offered by a premium sump pump is no place to cut corners. Planning your attack by going the extra mile can help keep your home safe, dry and headache-free. Protect your home with Zoeller's new Aquanot ® Fit 508 battery back-up system. This Professional Series back- up offers an economical option for homeowners in need of dependable pro- tection from basement flooding. Designed and tested for reliability, the Aquanot Fit 508 DC sump pump works alongside submersible or pedestal pumps to provide up to six hours of con- tinuous high-performance pumping when the primary pump either can't keep up, or power is interrupted. The Fit controller includes redundant protec- tions such as full AC and DC power abilities and operational and high-water sensors with redundant pump run. The system automatically charges the battery, and provides a low battery indicator and alarm. Perhaps most sig- nificant for long term reliability, the system includes self-testing technology so that the system is always ready. But what really sets the Aquanot Fit apart from any other system is its free connectivity with the Z Control ® Cloud, allowing users to receive alerts and remotely con- nect to the system to test, silence and configure. Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Zoeller Company is one of the oldest independ- ently-owned professional pump manu- facturers in North America. Since that time, Zoeller has established itself as a leader in pump equipment and technology, producing durable long- lasting products that cus- tomers can rely on. Zoeller offers a broad range of pumps and pack- age systems for both wastewater and potable water applications. Over the years, the company has expanded to new locations, continually offering new and diverse products to meet the needs of the industry today. For more information, go to www.zoeller pumps.com, call 502.778.2731, email zcotechnical@zoeller.com or stop by IBS booth #C8745. Silicon Valley Innovation Arrives in Baby's Room New parents everywhere are discovering Cocoon Cam, the most innovative and award-winning baby monitor system of the year. It's the only baby monitoring sys- tem that combines secure HD video/audio with contactless vital sign monitoring. It is an all-in-one easy to use system that sends instant alerts directly to your smartphone. Cocoon Cam uses patented and patent-pending Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to monitor your baby's breathing. The tiniest of move- ments are tracked via an HD video camera while they're sleeping in their crib. The lightweight system installs in less than five minutes, monitors your baby's breathing in real time (without a wearable or mat) and sends proactive alerts right to your smart- phone. No wearables means there's noth- ing extra to keep track of, keep charged up or become a potential hazard in the crib. You're notified right away when your baby needs your attention, and the beautifully designed smartphone app includes sleep tracking and analytics, cry detection, diapering/feeding tracking and even personalized content for your baby's development stage. With Cocoon Cam, you're always connected to your baby, whether you're down the hall, across town or traveling the world. This means you can head back to work, or even enjoy a night out, without worry. The sleek, modern design of the Cocoon Cam Clarity camera hardware means that it blends seamlessly and styl- ishly into any nursery decor, for a baby monitoring system you'll be proud to have in your home. Cocoon Cam even grows with your child from the bassinet days on into the toddler years, when sleep disturbances can become problematic for both the child and the parent. Cocoon Cam's motion detection technology tracks wake and sleep patterns, and the daily/weekly/monthly summaries mean that you've always got detailed and accurate information on your child's sleep habits at your fingertips. Cocoon Cam was founded by par- ents, is powered by the innovation of Silicon Valley, and can help you rest easy, knowing your baby is breathing easy. Find out more about Cocoon Cam at www.cocooncam.com.

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