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30 The Cheese Guide MORE IMPORTED CHEESES Gruyere AOP Classic, Gruyere AOP Reserve, Le Gruyere d'Alpage AOP Le Gruyere AOP Switzerland +41(0)26 921 84 10 www.gruyere.com Many international awards, in- cluding four times as a world champion at the World Cheese Awards. – Gruyère AOP, a PDO product (Protected Designation of Origin), can be produced only in the Gruyères region of western Switzer- land. It has been produced from raw cow milk, with the same recipe, since 1115 AD. Gruyère AOP is 100 percent natural, 100 percent additive free, and naturally free of lactose and gluten. Jarlsberg Norseland 203.515.6588 www.jarlsberg.com – $5.99-$6.99 A mild semi-soft cow milk cheese, Jarlsberg is known for its sweet and nutty flavor and its large round holes. Rembrandt Aged Gouda FrieslandCampina 551.497.7300 www.frieslandcampina.com www.adutchmasterpiece.com Overall world champion in 2004 World Cheese Championship, gold in 2016 World Cheese Awards $5.99-$6.99 Naturally matured for one year, Rembrandt has a firm texture and rich flavor. It's made in Holland from an exclusive Dutch Gouda recipe with a traditional approach and matured in the clas- sic, natural way. Shaved Goat Cheese FrieslandCampina 551.497.7300 www.frieslandcampina.com www.frico.com Overall world champion in 2004 World Cheese Championship, gold in 2016 World Cheese Awards $6.99 Imported from Holland. Naturally matured for 20 weeks, this fla- vorful, distinctive goat's cheese has a slightly crumbly texture. It's freshly shaved to enhance salads, soups, pastas and flatbreads. Packaged in a 5-ounce cup. NATURAL-RIND CHEESES Carmody Bellwether Farms orders@bellwetherfarms.com www.bellwetherfarms.com Good Food Award 2012 and 2014 – Carmody highlights the buttery flavor and naturally golden color of Jersey cow milk. As it ages, Carmody develops a sweet caramel undertone. It's offered in 3.5-pound wheels and 7-ounce cuts. Point Reyes Toma Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. 415.663.8880 www.pointreyescheese.com Multiple awards including first place at 2011 American Cheese Society Competition & Judging and second place at 2012 ACS Competition $20/pound or $8 for 6-ounce wedge All-natural pasteurized cow milk, semi-hard table cheese with a natural rind. Toma is a mild, buttery table cheese that's good for cooking and pairs well with hop-heavy beers, Pinot Noir or Scotch. SHEEP MILK CHEESES Cave-aged Marisa Carr Valley Cheese 800.462.7258 www.carrvalleycheese.com Super Gold at 2018 World Cheese Awards and many others $20-$25/pound Cave-aged for six months, this surface-ripened aged sheep milk cheese has a sweetness and earthy flavor from its exterior molds. It's named after Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook's daughter. Pepato Bellwether Farms orders@bellwetherfarms.com www.bellwetherfarms.com Multiple awards from the Ameri- can Cheese Society – Raw sheep milk cheese with whole peppercorns for additional sa- vory and earthy notes. The recipe for this cheese was inspired by the aged sheep milk cheeses of Tuscany, but it's less salty, with tangy citrus and floral flavors. Riserva del Fondatore Savello USA, Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com Super Fold at the 2018 World Cheese Awards $20/pound This cave-aged cheese is made with high quality selected sheep's milk and processed according to ancient traditions. It has a strong aroma with vegetal and fruity tones. Its texture is firm but creamy. SOFT-RIPENED BELLETOILE Fromagerie Henri Hutin 1.800.659.2603 www.belletoile.us – $11.99/pound Belletoile is the first triple cream specialty cheese ever exported to USA in the 1960s. Eagerly sought after for its richness and but- tery texture, and its fresh flavor, this award-winning specialty cheese has a snowy white rind that protects a buttery paste that's sure to captivate any palate. It is perfect on a cheese platter or accompanied by nuts. PRODUCT NAME COMPANY CONTACT INFO AWARDS RETAIL PRICE DESCRIPTION

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