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Food Equipment News Saturday, February 9, 2019 6 CDN Offers Full Range of Kitchen Scales CDN is now celebrating its 35th anniver- sary as a global category leader in kitchen measurement tools, known for quality and innovation. CDN presents a broad range of scales for foodservice kitchens, from the basic to the unique, including many CDN exclusive options to serve different needs. "We've greatly expanded our scale assortment in the last two years, and our focus at NAFEM 2019 is to showcase the breadth of the line and our top sellers. Quality and practicality will be on dis- play," said Shawn DiGruccio, Executive Vice President of CDN. A stand-out scale with simplicity and value, the CDN NSF-certified Digital Glass Scale (SD1502) features tare func- tion and sturdy tempered glass platform. With a 15-pound capacity, it has an easy- to-read backlit display, showing results in pounds:ounces and grams. Portion control is vital to the prof- itability of any foodservice establish- ment. CDN offers its exclusive NSF-cer- tified Digital Portion Control Scales in six capacities and profiles: 5 pounds (SD0502), 11 pounds (SD1114), 11 pounds (SD1112), 22 pounds (SD2202), 33 pounds (SD3302) and 55 pounds (SD5502). Part of CDN's Master Scales Series, these scales offer convenience features such as tare function, data hold and field calibration for accuracy over time, as well as measure in pounds:ounces and kilograms:grams. CDN's NSF Submersible Scales pro- vide a full range of advanced features, including a coveted IP67 rating that ensures protection against dust, particles and submersion in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Available in 11 pounds (SD1110X) and 22 pounds (SD2210X), these CDN exclusive scales are programmable and come with a tare function, field calibration, and low/high limit alerts. They operate on a recharge- able battery, and also come with a power adapter for added convenience. These scales measure in pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, kilo- grams and grams. CDN also offers 5 kg calibration weights as an optional acces- sory, plus replacement parts. CDN measures up with a wide vari- ety of thermometers, timers and scales. Visit CDN at booth #2060. For more information, go to www.cdnkitchen.com, email info@cdnkitchen.com or call 800.338.5594. Save Space and Money with Cooler Concepts When it comes to designing a restaurant, space is precious. Your job as a designer is to make the most efficient and prof- itable space possible. The difference between an 8x10 and a 10x12 walk-in cooler is 40 square feet. Choosing an 8x10 results in about $5,000.00 in energy and equipment savings over the average lifespan of a restaurant. It's also roughly three additional seats in a full-service set- ting. Cooler Concepts' five individual shelving depths and keg specific shelf sizes maximize the storage capacity and make every walk-in cooler more effi- cient. Its design eliminates the blocked corners and dead storage space typically created by traditional catalog keg shelf support posts. Not only can you store more product in a smaller footprint with its shelving, but you can tap and access every keg. Let's explore a potential scenario: Cooper's Restaurant, a full-service estab- lishment, has an average ticket price of $25.00 per person. They're open for din- ner service seven days per week, closed only for holidays. If each seat turns once per shift, three additional seats would generate $150.00 per day, or $54,000.00 per year. What do you think your customer would say if you told them a smaller beer cooler with Cooler Concepts shelving could allow them to earn an extra 54 grand? Let's explore another scenario: Cooper's Bar has 16 draft beers on tap and were told they need a 10x12 beer cooler. Average list price of a 10x12 walk-in is $19,531.80. Average electricity cost for that cooler is $1,812.84 per year. In the 10x12, with traditional catalog type shelving, storage levels will be 34 kegs at best. This is barely one plus a backup. Now let's look at an 8x10 cooler. Average list price of an 8x10 box is $16,428.20. Average energy consumption is $1,431.60 per year. The smaller cooler teamed with Cooler Concepts' shelving will allow storage of 40 kegs plus cases, an additional six kegs over the 10x12 without Cooler Concepts shelving. In the first year, the customer would see cost savings of $3,484.84. When paired with the scenario above, the customer can see a potential gain of $57,484.00 in their first year. Let Cooler Concepts make you a hero. Visit Cooler Concepts at booth #2675. For more information, call 800.598.2945, go to www.kegracks.com or find the company on Instagram @cooler_concepts. Keep Staff and Kitchen Safe with Baffle Boss and Franklin Filter By Kimberly Salesky, Editor, Franklin Machine Products Cleaning your grease filters is an impor- tant component of your facility's proce- dures to help prevent grease fires. While this task is necessary and has proven to help reduce the threat of grease fires, it's a rather cumbersome job. Grease filters are above the reach of the average work- er, which invites unsafe practices of get- ting to the height of your exhaust hood system. Often, restaurant workers remove grease filters for cleaning in dan- gerous ways, such as ladders and climb- ing on hot food equipment like fryers. This can result in an injured staff mem- ber, a worker's comp claim and a staff shortage. While these methods seem unavoidable, there's a better, safer way to remove your grease filters without the risk of injury. The best way to protect your staff while cleaning grease filters is to have them reach the exhaust hood system from the floor. This can be accomplished with The Baffle Boss ® Hood Filter Lifting Fork. It's designed to reach grease filters with a pole that extends up to 5 feet high and features spe- cially made prongs to easily grab most brands of grease filters, all while keeping the user grounded. In addition, its pronged head can be posi- tioned five different ways, and it folds for simple stor- age. For an added safety bonus to your grease filter cleaning program, check out The Franklin Filter ® Hinged Hood Filter. It's hinged for easy cleaning to ensure your grease filters receive the most thor- ough cleaning to further reduce the threat of grease fires. Plus, its unique design helps your exhaust hood system work more efficiently. It features slotted baf- fles to reduce static pressure, which in turn creates less strain on the exhaust hood fan motor, allowing for greater heat removal and a quieter operation. To learn more about how The Baffle Boss and Franklin Filter can benefit your kitchen, visit us at booth #2603 or visit our website at www.fmponline.com. We're proud to continue to serve you and help make your kitchen a safer place. Visit FMP at booth #2603. For more information, go to www.fmponline.com, call 800.257.7737 or email sales@fmponline.com. Waring Commercial Video Series Provides Living Proof of the Power of Perseverance Last year, Waring ® Commercial, a leading manufacturer of kitchen equip- ment and appliances for the foodser- vice industry, debuted Living Proof™ with Jon Ashton, its groundbreaking documentary series on the troubles and triumphs of world-class chefs. Developed in partnership with celebri- ty chef Jon Ashton, a frequent presence on TV (The Food Network, The Tonight Show, The Today Show and more), the series has riveted viewers with an inspiring inside look at the per- sonal and professional lives of chefs who beat the odds to achieve culinary greatness. Episode 3: Chef Katsuji Tanabe The series' third episode relates the extraordinary story of acclaimed Chef Katsuji Tanabe, whose culinary empire of six restaurants includes The Nixon Chops & Whiskey, a steakhouse with a distinctively Mexican flair, located in Whittier, California. The son of a Japanese father and Mexican mother, Chef Tanabe left his privileged upbringing in Mexico to pur- sue his dream of becoming a world-class chef in the United States. Forsaken by his father and impoverished when he came to America in 1999, with no grasp of the English language and only his passion for cooking to sustain him, Chef Tanabe is a study in grit and determination. His rise from downtrodden immigrant sleep- ing on a street bench to popular contestant on Bravo's Top Chef TV series and upscale restau- ranteur is a testament to his tal- ent and sheer will to succeed. Chef Tanabe proudly wears his trade- mark #itookarisk embroidered on the sleeve of his chef's jacket. "Sometimes you have to take a risk in order to be suc- cessful," he said. "I think I have learned more from my mistakes than from my wins." He attributes his success to "calcu- lated risks that I have taken, from coming to this country, to choosing this career, to opening my first restaurant." Chef Tanabe offers living proof that no matter how many obstacles may block the road to success, drive and per- severance pay off in the end. "Chef Tanabe is an inspiration for chefs and foodservice professionals everywhere," says Dan DeBari, General Manager for Waring Commercial. "Being a chef is no easy calling, but he and the other culinary masters profiled in Living Proof show that with the right attitude and resolve it can be profoundly rewarding on many levels." Episode 3 of Living Proof with Jon Ashton and the two previous episodes are being shown by request at booth #3240 during The National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) tradeshow. Visit Waring at booth #3240.

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