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Food Equipment News Saturday, February 9, 2019 1 4 Custom Venting Solutions: Adding Beauty to Your Space In today's world, it is important to deliver a unique dining experience and an invit- ing space that leaves lasting impressions. AMPCO has the solution. Whether you are a new restaurant owner, or you are looking to renovate your current establishment, custom vent- ing can enhance your space through cus- tom painted colors, laser-cut designs including patterns, logos, phrases etc., and custom outer materials such as cop- per and polished stainless steel. You've managed every detail of your restaurant – don't settle for average exhaust systems. AMPCO's custom venting solu- tions can be customized to your unique application requirements. The engi- neering staff provides complete design services that take the guesswork out of installation even for the most complex systems. AMPCO offers a broad range of venting and components to fit a wide array of interior and exterior commer- cial applications and customer specifi- cations. So whether you need venting for your dining area, or more attractive venting to match your building facade, AMPCO can help elevate the design of your space to create a more inviting envi- ronment by aligning with your restau- rant's interior or exterior design ele- ments. To learn more about AMPCO's cus- tom venting solutions and capabilities, visit booth #2146 to speak to a commercial sales representa- tive to learn more about the available col- ors, materials and design options that can help create an inviting space to enhance the overall customer experience. To learn more, visit booth #2146, go to www.ampcostacks.com or call 800.624.8642. How Can Food Delivery Operators Guarantee Food Safety? Food delivery has mushroomed in recent years. Consumers love the con- venience, and it shows in their sky- rocketing reliance on off-premises ordering. Industry analysts at Technomic and investment firm Cowen both project double-digit growth in food delivery (12 percent per year) over the next five years. In fact, 86 percent of consumers order from off-site at least once a month. They also found that nearly a quarter of consumers say they spend more on off-premise orders, so food delivery can even potentially boost sales. However, food safety issues can impose some serious roadblocks to suc- cess if food delivery operators don't – or due to logistical constraints, can't – treat safety as seriously as a traditional restau- rant. Perhaps the major risk is that food will fall into the temperature danger zone (41 degrees Fahrenheit to 135 degrees Fahrenheit) during transporta- tion. This risk is higher than at brick- and-mortar locations because of the unique challenges inherent in food delivery. A closed, confined space increases risks of cross-contamination, and delivery vehicles typically lack the commercial-grade equipment of a restaurant. Then, they don't necessari- ly have relevant supplies on hand, including the ability to wash hands or power equipment easily. It's simply a tougher challenge to monitor and maintain food temperatures in a vehi- cle. Unfortunately, human interaction may also cause temperatures to fall out of spec. It's easy to imagine a rushed delivery person failing to fully shut the door on food storage equipment or oth- erwise mishandling equipment or food. And if restaurants and deliv- ery services think their workers are rigorously following the most common food safety practices – maintaining hygiene, wearing gloves, checking temperatures, storing foods properly – research suggests oth- erwise. Thankfully, today's food safety tech- nology is perfect for food delivery opera- tors aiming to steer clear of problems. Today's wireless smart temperature sen- sors offer the three ingredients key to bolstering food safety for delivery. Portability As delivery vehicles are small and mobile, so must their equipment be. Pocket-sized Bluetooth temperature probes can travel easily and read temper- atures quickly. The same is true of wire- less temperature sensors; they have his- torically been too large for many travel containers, but new technologies are allowing smaller and more energy-effi- cient sensors that can fit in smaller equip- ment. Automation With wireless, battery-pow- ered sensors placed in the cold-holding units, operators can automate the process entirely and be alerted instant- ly any time temperatures fall out of spec. Simplicity Since cross-contamination is an increased risk in delivery vehicles, it can help to have a checklist system that guides hur- ried workers through a step-by-step process that covers every cleaning and sanitation step needed while on the go. Plus, using a digital checklist from a smart device means they can speed through the process with just a few taps. It takes more work to maintain food safe- ty protocols when food is in transit than at a brick-and-mortar restaurant, but with the right technology on tap, delivery services can have their cake and deliver it safely too. Visit CM Systems at booth #1092. For more information, go to www.compliance mate.com, call 678.526.4628 or email info@compliancemate.com. Custom Fabricated Foodservice Equipment from IRP Iowa Rotocast Plastics, founded in 1983, takes pride in being a trusted manufactur- er and supplier of custom fabricated portable and semi-permanent foodservice equipment for stadiums, venues, arenas, convention centers, casinos, amusement parks and restaurants. IRP equipment can be found on six continents; IRP products can be found in all 50 states, in addition to 41 coun- tries around the world. IRP equipment that is custom manufactured exclusive- ly for Gatorade is a regular sideline fixture during professionally televised sporting events, including the Super Bowl. IRP has also sent equipment to every Summer Olympics since the 1996 games hosted by Atlanta, Georgia. IRP equipment provides a cohesive aesthetic with your venue's architectur- al elements, while incorporating the most current technology and materials available. IRP is well aware that while form may grab the consumer's atten- tion, function must take precedence in order for the equipment to serve its pur- pose. All IRP equipment meets industry standards, including NSF and UL approval. IRP's team of engineers, designers and project managers strive to ensure that the equipment designed will provide a congruous and harmo- nious synergy with the elements chosen by the venue architects. Superb crafts- manship, durability and quality are the foundations of the IRP brand. IRP is well-equipped to fulfill an entire stadi- um package but has also earned a repu- tation for fabricating unique kiosks and carts that other companies would hesi- tate to build, due to their complexity or the fact that only a singular unit is needed. IRP equipment can be designed with a combination of food and bever- age serving options, or as mobile retail or POS stations. IRP's entire process is streamlined because all elements of design and production are kept in-house, allow- ing maximum effi- ciency and quality control. This means all projects ship straight from the facility where they are designed and fabricated. Middle-men equate to markup, and IRP saves you money and time by being both fabricator and sup- plier. Its central location in the United States allows for shorter lead times to either coastline. In addition to fabricated equip- ment, the IRP family of brands manu- factures and distributes a variety of other product categories, but all ulti- mately have the same goal of increas- ing food and beverage sales for clien- tele while promoting brand awareness. The RotoTough plastic products are designed for ice-down beverage con- cession, a popular and economical line of hawking bins and push carts which allow the vendor to take the product to the con- sumer, and lastly, Breezers, a line of electric refrigeration which ranges in size from countertop units to full height double door versions. Whether a customer is looking for a draught and pretzel cart six feet in length or a 30-foot semi-permanent seasonal kiosk for an outdoor space, IRP will handle every element of a client's project. From conception through to fabrication, IRP's dedicated team wholeheartedly devotes them- selves to any project with professional- ism, quality and efficiency and is well- regarded within the industry for meet- ing project deadlines and producing superior products that last season after season. Visit IRP at booth #225. For more infor- mation, call 800.553.0050 or go to www.irpinc.com.

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