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Oser Communications Group Orlando Wednesday, January 30, 2019 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH FETC Cool and confident in his short-shorts with matching striped socks, Shane Cox exuded self-assurance last June as he walked onto the biggest stage in entrepreneurship: ABC's Shark Tank. After all, he wasn't a beginner – in fact, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cary-based PEEQ Technologies had attended three cast- ing calls for the show in hopes of getting a deal for his company's main product, the Qball. The Qball is a blue ball housing a wireless micro- phone that can, for instance, be thrown around a classroom when a teacher is calling on students to answer questions, or tossed amidst the audience at a speech to allow questions to the speaker that everyone can hear. Although he was still not necessarily expecting success, Cox was prepared to put everything on the line in a last-ditch effort to reel in a shark. "In prepping, I re-watched every episode of the past eight seasons," he said. "I made this giant rubric of every question that was asked, how it was answered and what the reactions were to try to feel like I was going in with barrels loaded." Three Shark Tank Sharks Invest in Qball An interview with Dr. Priya Nihalani, Senior Product Manager, Scantron Analytics, Scantron Corporation. ESD: Schools get plenty of reports – why do they need yet another solu- tion? PN: There's a huge difference between reading static reports and exploring your data. For one thing, time is an issue for all educators at every level. When they have questions, they need to be able to answer them quickly, and you can't do that wading through reports. For another, the report might be dated, with informa- tion that's no longer helpful. In an analytics solution, the data is always up-to-date, and you can easily sort and filter it to answer your exact questions. With reports, you have to hope that the report writer had the same questions you do. ESD: What kinds of questions can educators ask in an analytics system? The multiple award-winning MackinVIA recently received a third Award of Excellence by Tech & Learning magazine and has been hailed as one of today's most prestigious educa- tion technology products. Adding to this accom- plishment was the equally respected Best of Show winner at ISTE 2015, 2016 and 2017. Rounding out the list of accomplishments is a 2017 Platinum Award from the esteemed Modern Library Awards and an incredible acknowledgement of Product of the Year for 2018. When Mackin set out to create a digital content delivery system for its customers, the top priority was to make it user-friendly and robust for students and educators alike. With a catalog of over two million digital titles, more than nine million students with access to MackinVIA and having recently received multiple accolades, MackinVIA has proven that those efforts have now been validated. MackinVIA is being hailed within the industry as the best digital resource management By Bridget Duff, Director, Education Vertical Sales Solutions Access to broadband is now as essential a component of a K–12 educa- tion as heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electricity. High band- width networks and internet access are essential in creating a well- rounded education with learning experiences necessary to prepare today's students for college and careers in today's connected market- place. Tools like online content and digital learning services are vital in creating a 21st- century learning experience. Access to the internet has immense potential to improve the quality of education, and students and teachers can use this tool in a variety of ways to deepen learning. As the Internet Society says in their look at internet access and educa- tion, access to broadband "opens doorways to a wealth of information, knowledge and educational resources, increasing opportunities for learning in and beyond the class- room" (www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2017/internet-access-and-education). Continued on Page 17 Continued on Page 17 Beyond Reporting: Explorational Analytics MackinVIA Graced With 8th Award, Including Best Product of the Year Broadband: The Essential Facilitator of Successful Learning Experiences Today Continued on Page 15 Continued on Page 17 BOOTH #1440 BOOTH #2019 BOOTH #2719

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