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GOURMET NEWS NOVEMBER 2018 www.gourmetnews.com HOT PRODUCTS 2 2 Hot Products Vegetarian Handheld Pot Pies from Alpha Foods Alpha Foods has just launched Handheld Pot Pies. A frozen convenience meal, the Alpha Pot Pies are 100 percent plant- based and high in plant protein. Microwaveable in two min- utes, each pastry is stuffed with meat-free protein, dairy-free cheeses and savory sauces. The Pot Pies are free of GMOs, cholesterol, hormones and animal products. Available in four flavors (Buffalo Chick'n, Pizza, Chick'n Veggie and Beefy Cheddar) with two additional flavors exclusive to natural and specialty sales channels (Spinach Feta and Chick'n Pesto). Available for distribution through UNFI and KeHE for retail and foodservice. Alpha Foods www.alphaplantbased.com Cheese Folios Cheese Folios™ are lightly baked pliable sheets of 100 percent natural cheese available in Parmesan, Cheddar or Jarlsberg ® cheese. Gluten free and lactose free, Cheese Folios have only 1 gram of carbohydrates and provide 13 grams of protein per serving. They are free of starch, wheat, flour or fillers and have no added sugar or additives. They are made from cows milk not treated with growth hormone rBST. Fo- lios is a first-ever 100 percent cheese wrap that can be filled with vegetables, deli meat or anything else. The three different cheese flavor varieties appeal to every palate. The Parmesan Folios are made from the authentic most famous cheese of Italy, with a nutty, fruity blast of flavor; Cheddar Folios impart a rich Vermont buttery cheese taste, and Jarlsberg Folios offer the classic mellow yet slightly nutty deliciousness in every bite. Lotito Foods www.cheesefolios.com New Snacking Rounds from Ozery Bakery Ozery Bakery's new Banana Cocoa and Cherry Cocoa Snack- ing Rounds are 60 or 70-calorie bite-size snacks made with real pieces of all-natural cherries, bananas and grains, bring- ing the perfect amount of flavor to each bite. Like all Ozery Bakery products, they're non-GMO, vegan, contain no artifi- cial preservatives, colors or flavor. Ozery Bakery 905.265.1143 mail@ozerybakery.com www.ozerybakery.com Premium Toaster Waffles from Birch Benders Better-for-you pancake and waffle mix brand Birch Benders recently launched a brand new line of premium frozen toaster waffles, making it easier than ever to indulge in a naturally delicious breakfast, using only the cleanest, high- est-quality ingredients. These new frozen waffles are avail- able in four varieties that toast up crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside: Buttermilk, Homestyle, Protein, and the first ever frozen Paleo toaster waffle to hit shelves. Birch Benders 855.572.6225 www.birchbenders.com Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt For Kids Available in both 4-ounce cups and 2-ounce tubes, Grass- milk Kids is a homogenized whole-milk yogurt made from extraordinary organic milk that comes from cows that are 100 percent grass-fed — receiving no supplemental feed, grain or soybeans in their diet, just fresh pasture and dried forages. Nutritionally, Organic Valley Grassmilk Kids Yogurt flows with exceptional levels of naturally occurring calcium, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3s. Four-packs of kid-sized cups and eight-packs of tubes both have a suggested retail price of $4.79. These latest of- ferings join Organic Valley's Grassmilk line, which features whole milk yogurt in tubs and cups, fluid whole and 2% milk, and two cheddar cheese varieties. Organic Valley Co-Op 888.444.6455 x3444 www.organicvalley.coop Organic Corn Chips from RW Garcia RW Garcia has answered the call of taste buds everywhere with the launch of its new line of Organic Corn Chips. While corn chips have long been labeled a guilty pleasure, snack- ers now have a USDA-certified organic and non-GMO alter- native that is jam-packed with flavor and crunch. The new line debuts on shelves in four flavors: Organic Yellow and Blue Corn, Organic Bar-B-Q and Organic Chili Cheese. In ad- dition to organic and non-GMO certifications, each variety is also gluten free and contains low or no added sugar. RW Garcia Organic Corn Chips retail for $4.49. RW Garcia 210.367.5816 (East Coast) 408.202.2085 (West Coast) www.rwgarcia.com Kitchen & Love Cauliflower Quick Meals Cucina & Amore won a silver award for the most innovative produce at SIAL Canada this year for its new Kitchen & Love Califlower Quick Meals and then introduced them to the American market at the Summer Fancy Food Show. The Cauliflower Quick Meals, in Indian Vegetable Curry, Pe- ruvian Vegetable Ceviche and Moroccan Vegetable Harissa flavors, are part of a line that includes Quinoa and Farro Quick Meals. Each Quick Meal comes with a cup of either fully-cooked quinoa, farro or cauliflower and a sauce to mix in. No preparation or cooking is needed, so the con- sumer can just stir and eat with the included spork. The Quick Meals can also be heated in their microwaveable BPA-free cups. They're all also Transportation Safety Administration-friendly, so they'll go through airport security gates to be enjoyed aboard an aircraft. The Quinoa and Caulflower Quick Meals are gluten free, and Farro and Cauliflower Quick Meals as well as three out of four Quinoa Meals are vegan. Kitchen & Love www.cucinaandamore.com/kitchen_and_love Vermont Smoke & Cure Debuts Grass-fed Beef Sticks Vermont Smoke & Cure has introduced grass-fed beef sticks in two flavors, soy-free Maple Teriyaki and Jalapeno-Lime. The one-ounce snacks have 80 calories, with seven to eight grams of protein, and no more than one gram of sugar each. They have no sodium nitrate, and are gluten-free, as well as being made from meat that is 100 percent grass- fed and finished. The sticks are packed in a 24-count carton. Vermont Smoke & Cure 802.482.4666 www.vermontsmokeandcure.com

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