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The Lion Family answers, "What goes through your mind when you hear Lion Universe?" "I see rising waves of possibilities. Now that those waves have come crashing down, there has been nothing but doors of opportunities opening for us," said Duane in logistics. Ezell in sales says, "I think of how small but mighty we are. People always hear the roar, but their reaction when they see this small tribe, it never ceases to amaze me. We are family and we embrace those in our community by giving back. Yes, we are the new kids on the block, but we will not be denied. So, sit back get ready and take notes! The product speaks for itself." Shannon, the Chief Operating Officer, answers, "I think of a collective. Even though we are individuals with individual thoughts, points of view and concepts, we are able to combine those points into one collective and creative mind. With this col- lective, we have been able to produce innovative products that have helped to form The Lion Family on Being a Part of Lion Universe An interview with Jay Whitehurst, President of Enterprise Technologies, Comtech. WW: Are endpoint prices preventing some enterprises from implement- ing the Internet of Things (IoT) widely or even at all? JW: Yes. Transportation and logistics are two examples. Fleet owners, such as trucking companies and taxi operators, need less expensive telematics modules in order to deploy at the scale necessary to maximize the benefits of IoT. A clear exam- ple is apparent in developing markets such as China and India, where price sensitivity is holding back adoption of connected cars, according to a November 2017 Technavio report. WW: How can semiconductor vendors change their business model so they can pro- vide chips that are inexpensive, yet profitable? MultiTech, a long-time leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless connectivity hardware, is now offering two integrated solution bundles featuring award- winning MultiTech routers, and gateways to deliver powerful connectivity options for mission-critical distribution automa- tion. Customers are utilizing the devices for new connectivity scenarios, including connecting meter assets, pole tilt monitor- ing and capacitor bank control, to name a few. "With the continuing growth of the Smart Grid Initiative, many electrical utilities are now looking for new approaches to connect remotely-located substations," said Gregg Zastrow, Senior Manager for Programs and Partnerships at MultiTech. "The new MultiTech product bundles provide these options, and will help organizations tran- sition from aging electric infrastructures to new environments that connect remotely located substations, renewable energy sources and distribution automation equipment An interview with Daniel Tang, Operational Manager at Mengtor, Inc. WW: Tell us a little about Mengtor, Inc. DT: We are located in Los Angeles, California, and were found- ed in 2009. Mengtor, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of cellphone parts, and the top cellphone repair parts distributor. We now house the largest selection of cellular parts for the top cellular brand names in the wireless market. We provide wireless tech- nicians across the industry with the convenience of dealing with only one source. We acknowledge and highly value the importance that efficient use of time plays in the technician's work world. Our customers' customers want their products back as soon as possible, so with Mengtor as a one-stop shop, technicians working for our direct customers are able to utilize their time effectively. This is why we focus on Continued on Page 15 Continued on Page 18 Silicon as a Service Revolutionizes Transport and Logistics MultiTech's Award-Winning IoT Products for Mission-Critical Distribution Automation Mengtor, Inc. The One-Stop Shop for Wireless Repair Needs Continued on Page 18 Continued on Page 18 Oser Communications Group Los Angeles Friday, September 14, 2018 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH MWCA BOOTH #S2838 BOOTH #S2728

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